R.E.M. (21 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
R.E.M.1985 - Fables of the Reconstruction [2010 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition]FLAC2010not rated1:28:15
R.E.M.1986 - Lifes Rich Pageant [2011 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition]FLAC2011not rated1:34:05
R.E.M.1987 - Document [2013 -25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition]FLAC2012not rated1:55:17
R.E.M.1988 - Green [2013 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition]FLAC2013not rated2:00:41
R.E.M.1992 - Automatic for the PeopleMP31992not rated1:37:44
R.E.M.2011 - Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part GarbageFLAC2011not rated2:32:10
R.E.M.2014 - Unplugged 1991 & 2001 (The Complete Sessions)FLAC2014not rated2:15:12
R.E.M.Around the SunFLAC2004not rated55:21
R.E.M.Dead Letter Office [1993 EMI Reissue]FLAC1987not rated1:11:40
R.E.M.EponymousFLAC1988not rated43:07
R.E.M.Live [Disc 1]FLAC2007not rated1:18:45
R.E.M.Live [Disc 2]FLAC2007not rated23:40
R.E.M.Live at the Olympia [Disc 1]FLAC2009not rated1:15:53
R.E.M.Live at the Olympia [Disc 2]FLAC2009not rated1:15:08
R.E.M.MonsterFLAC1994not rated49:16
R.E.M.Murmur [2008 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition]FLAC2008not rated1:41:17
R.E.M.New Adventures in Hi-FiFLAC1996not rated1:05:31
R.E.M.Out of TimeFLAC1991not rated44:08
R.E.M.Reckoning [2009 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition]FLAC2009not rated1:35:11
R.E.M.RevealFLAC2001not rated53:43
R.E.M.UpFLAC1998not rated1:04:31