Uriah Heep (20 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Uriah Heep...Very 'Eavy ... Very 'UmbleLP1971not rated
Uriah Heep...Very 'Eavy, ...Very 'UmbleLP1970not rated40:16
Uriah HeepConquestLP1980not rated
Uriah HeepDemons And WizardsLP1977not rated
Uriah HeepDemons And WizardsLP1972not rated39:36
Uriah HeepFallen AngelLP1978not rated38:20
Uriah HeepHigh And MightyLP1976not rated39:22
Uriah HeepHigh And MightyLP1976not rated
Uriah HeepInnocent VictimLP1977not rated38:36
Uriah HeepLook At YourselfLP1971not rated
Uriah HeepReturn To FantasyLP1975not rated40:23
Uriah HeepReturn To FantasyLP1975not rated
Uriah HeepSalisburyLP1971not rated38:19
Uriah HeepSweet FreedomLP1973not rated37:23
Uriah HeepSweet FreedomLP10/1973not rated37:23
Uriah HeepThe Magician's BirthdayLP1972not rated
Uriah HeepThe Magician's BirthdayLP11/1972not rated37:34
Uriah HeepUriah Heep LiveLP7/1973not rated1:11:12
Uriah HeepWonderworldLP1974not rated37:42
Uriah HeepWonderworldLP1974not rated37:40