The Stranglers (17 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Stranglers10LP1990not rated36:25
The Stranglers10CD1990not rated36:31
The StranglersAural SculptureCD1985not rated42:31
The StranglersAural SculptureLP1984not rated
The StranglersBlack And WhiteLP1978not rated39:10
The StranglersBlack And WhiteLP1978not rated38:47
The StranglersCoup De GraceLP2014not rated42:27
The StranglersDreamtimeCD1986not rated43:22
The StranglersFelineCD1982not rated38:59
The StranglersFelineLP1982not rated
The StranglersLa FolieLP1981not rated
The StranglersNo More HeroesLP9/23/1977not rated
The StranglersRattus NorvegicusLP4/15/1977not rated38:57
The StranglersSuite XVICD2006not rated40:32
The StranglersThe Gospel According To The MeninblackLP1981not rated40:37
The StranglersThe RavenLP1979not rated41:10
The StranglersWritten In RedLP2014not rated48:50