The Cramps (11 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The CrampsA Date With ElvisLP2/1986not rated36:09
The CrampsBig Beat From BadsvilleLP1997not rated43:13
The CrampsFiends Of Dope IslandLP2003not rated44:16
The CrampsFlame JobCD1994not rated44:57
The CrampsFlamejobLP1994not rated
The CrampsFlamejobLP1994not rated
The CrampsLook Mom No Head!LP1991not rated43:38
The CrampsPsychedelic JungleLP1981not rated40:01
The CrampsSmell Of FemaleLP1983not rated15:38
The CrampsSongs The Lord Taught UsLP3/7/1980not rated38:12
The CrampsStay Sick!LP1990not rated36:21