Swans (18 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
SwansBody To Body Job To Job.CD1991not rated1:04:49
SwansChildren of GodCD1987not rated1:11:11
SwansCop / Young GodCD1984not rated1:05:16
SwansDie Tur Ist ZuCD1996not rated55:07
SwansFilthCDnot rated56:11
SwansGreed/Holy MoneyCDnot rated1:18:09
SwansReal LoveCD1986not rated44:43
SwansThe Great AnnihilatorCD1994not rated1:08:15
SwansWhite Light From The Mouth Of InfinityCD1991not rated1:09:19
SwansCopLP1984not rated
SwansFilthLP1983not rated
SwansHoly MoneyLP1986not rated36:00
SwansLove Of LifeLP1992not rated50:59
SwansSoundtracks For The BlindLP1996not rated2:21:37
SwansSwansLP1982not rated19:22
SwansThe Burning WorldLP1989not rated43:47
SwansThe Great AnnihilatorLP1994not rated1:07:19
SwansWhite Light From The Mouth Of InfinityLP1991not rated1:11:39