Psychic TV (14 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Psychic TVAlienistLP9/16/2016not rated34:27
Psychic TVAllegory And SelfLP1988not rated
Psychic TVCathedral EngineCD1994not rated58:48
Psychic TVDreams Less SweetCD1983not rated43:33
Psychic TVDreams Less SweetLP10/21/1983not rated
Psychic TVForce The Hand Of ChanceLP1982not rated1:41:13
Psychic TVForce the Hand of ChanceCDnot rated1:15:51
Psychic TVHex Sex (The Singles Pt 1)CD1994not rated1:07:51
Psychic TVKondoleCD1993not rated1:09:10
Psychic TVMouth Of The NightLP1985not rated46:27
Psychic TVN.Y. ScumLP1984not rated
Psychic TVPagan DayLP1984not rated
Psychic TVThe Magickal Mystery D Tour E.P.LP1986not rated
Psychic TVTowards Thee Infinite BeatLP1990not rated50:07