Melanie (17 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
MelanieAs I See It NowLP1974not rated39:12
MelanieBack In TownLP11/1969not rated34:13
MelanieBallroom StreetsLP1978not rated1:21:03
MelanieBorn To BeLP5/1969not rated32:43
MelanieCandles In The RainLP1970not rated38:19
MelanieGarden In The CityLP1972not rated27:51
MelanieGather MeLP1971not rated35:58
MelanieGather MeLP1971not rated35:58
MelanieLeftover WineLP1970not rated46:20
MelanieMadrugadaLP1974not rated41:46
MelanieMelanieLP1969not rated34:10
MelanieMelanieLP10/1969not rated34:10
MelanieMelanie At Carnegie HallLP1973not rated1:23:41
MelaniePlease Love MeLP1973not rated29:42
MelanieStoneground WordsLP1972not rated
MelanieThe 7th WaveLP1983not rated
MelanieThe Good BookLP1971not rated46:57