Medicine (21 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Throbbing Gristle20 Jazz Funk GreatsCD1979not rated1:01:22
Throbbing Gristle20 Jazz Funk GreatsLP1979not rated41:28
Throbbing Gristle2nd Annual ReportLP1977not rated
Throbbing GristleBlood PressureCD1975not rated1:10:19
Throbbing GristleCD1CD3/18/1979not rated42:15
Throbbing GristleD.o.A. The Third and Final ReportCD1978not rated51:27
Throbbing GristleFunk Beyond JazzCD1980not rated59:53
Throbbing GristleHeathen EarthCD1980not rated54:35
Throbbing GristleIn the Shadow of the SunCD1980not rated56:48
Throbbing GristleJourney Through A BodyLP9/14/2018not rated
Throbbing GristleJourney Through a BodyCD1981not rated39:12
Throbbing GristleLive BoxCD1993not rated4:45:02
Throbbing GristleMission Of Dead SoulsLP1981not rated
Throbbing GristleMission of Dead Souls: the Last Live Performance of TGCD1981not rated1:02:52
Throbbing GristleOnce Upon A Time...LP4/1984not rated
Throbbing GristleOnce upon a TimeCDnot rated35:06
Throbbing GristlePart Two - The Endless NotCD2007not rated1:07:26
Throbbing GristleRaftersCD1980not rated53:52
Throbbing GristleTG NowCD2004not rated45:30
Throbbing GristleThe Second Annual ReportCD1977not rated47:45
Throbbing GristleVery FriendlyLP6/1987not rated