Lydia Lunch (12 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Lydia Lunch13.13.CD1982not rated40:26
Lydia LunchDrowning In LimboCDnot rated51:02
Lydia LunchHoneymoon In RedLP1987not rated
Lydia LunchHoneymoon in RedCDnot rated41:38
Lydia LunchHysterieLP1986not rated
Lydia LunchHysterie (1976-1986)CDnot rated1:13:34
Lydia LunchIn Limbo12" vinyl1985not rated
Lydia LunchMarchesaLP10/19/2018not rated
Lydia LunchQueen of SiamCD1980not rated31:19
Lydia LunchRetrovirusLP2013not rated
Lydia LunchSmoke in the ShadowsCD2002not rated51:15
Lydia LunchTwisted7" vinyl1991not rated8:52