Helios Creed (14 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Helios Creed"NUGG" The TransportCD1996not rated47:15
Helios CreedActivated ConditionCD2/20/1998not rated41:06
Helios CreedBoxing The ClownLP1990not rated
Helios CreedBusting Through The Van Allan BeltCD1994not rated41:06
Helios CreedColors Of LightCD1999not rated45:54
Helios CreedCosmic AssaultCD1995not rated43:56
Helios CreedDeep Blue Love VacuumLP2006not rated1:05:10
Helios CreedGalactic OctopiLP2011not rated
Helios CreedKiss To The BrainLP1992not rated41:54
Helios CreedLactating PurpleLP1991not rated
Helios CreedPlanet XLP1994not rated38:59
Helios CreedSuperior Catholic FingerLP1989not rated31:21
Helios CreedThe Last LaughLP1989not rated
Helios CreedX-Rated Fairy TalesLP1985not rated36:58