Coil (27 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Coil...And The Ambulance Died In His ArmsLP2016not rated
CoilAnother Brown World / Baby FoodLP9/2017not rated
CoilAstral DisasterLP12/2/2016not rated
CoilAstral DisasterLP12/2/2016not rated
CoilAstral Disaster Sessions: Un/Finished MusicsLP2018not rated
CoilBackwardsCD10/9/2015not rated1:04:50
CoilBackwardsLP10/29/2015not rated1:04:50
CoilBlack AntlersLP2016not rated
CoilGold is the MetalCD1988not rated50:38
CoilHorse RotorvatorLP1987not rated44:50
CoilHow to Destroy AngelsCD1984not rated55:21
CoilLive In LeipzigLP2014not rated
CoilLove's Secret DomainCD1991not rated1:00:39
CoilMegalithomania!LP2014not rated40:24
CoilMoon's Milk (In Four Phases)LP6/1/2012not rated
CoilMusick To Play In The Dark 2CD2006not rated56:44
CoilQueens Of The Circulating LibraryLP2015not rated
CoilQueens of the Circulating LibraryCD2001not rated49:26
CoilScatologyLP1984not rated
CoilSelvaggina, Go Back Into The WoodsLP2015not rated1:04:53
CoilStolen And Contaminated Songs 1992 e.v.CD1992not rated1:02:04
CoilThe Angelic ConversationCD1986not rated1:10:00
CoilThe Ape Of NaplesCD2/2006not rated1:05:32
CoilThe Ape Of NaplesLP9/15/2016not rated
CoilThe Remote ViewerLP2002not rated1:08:02
CoilThe Remote ViewerCD8/2006not rated1:08:02
CoilTime MachinesCD1998not rated1:13:32