Chris and Cosey (11 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Chris and CoseyAllotropyCDnot rated43:07
Chris and CoseyExotikaLP1987not rated40:51
Chris and CoseyExotika & Take FiveCD1990not rated1:16:23
Chris and CoseyHeartbeatCD1981not rated40:19
Chris and CoseyMuzik Fantastique!CDnot rated53:08
Chris and CoseyPagan TangoCD1991not rated45:33
Chris and CoseySongs of Love and LustCD1984not rated57:42
Chris and CoseyTechno PrimitivLP1985not rated41:23
Chris and CoseyTechno PrimitivCD1985not rated40:31
Chris and CoseyTrustCD1989not rated59:26
Chris and CoseyTwistCDnot rated1:03:57