Cabaret Voltaire (55 albums, 4 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Cabaret Voltaire1974-1976CD1980not rated58:01
Cabaret Voltaire2 X 45CD1982not rated44:47
Cabaret Voltaire2X4512" vinyl4/1982not rated44:31
Cabaret VoltaireBody And SoulLP1991not rated45:40
Cabaret VoltaireBody and SoulCD1991not rated1:05:11
Cabaret VoltaireCodeLP1987not rated
Cabaret VoltaireColoursCD1991not rated44:09
Cabaret VoltaireColours12" vinyl1991not rated28:50
Cabaret VoltaireConform to DeformCD2001not rated3:33:21
Cabaret VoltaireDrinking Gasoline12" vinyl7/22/1985not rated33:04
Cabaret VoltaireDrinking GasolineCD1985not rated33:12
Cabaret VoltaireDrinking Gasoline / Gasoline In Your EyeLP1/2014not rated
Cabaret VoltaireEasy LifeCDnot rated14:37
Cabaret VoltaireEight Crepuscule TracksCD1988not rated44:35
Cabaret VoltaireEight Crepuscule TracksLP2/1988not rated42:23
Cabaret VoltaireGroovy, Laidback And NastyLP1990not rated1:17:37
Cabaret VoltaireGroovy, Laidback and NastyCD1990not rated50:39
Cabaret VoltaireHai!CD3/23/1982not rated44:18
Cabaret VoltaireInternational LanguageCD1993not rated1:15:03
Cabaret VoltaireJohnny YesnoCDnot rated41:15
Cabaret VoltaireListen Up with Cabaret VoltaireCD1990not rated1:26:13
Cabaret VoltaireLive At The LyceumLP1981not rated50:53
Cabaret VoltaireLive At The Y.M.C.A. 27.10.79LP1980not rated40:39
Cabaret VoltaireLive at the LyceumCDnot rated50:55
Cabaret VoltaireLive at the Y.M.C.A. 27.10.79CD1979not rated40:42
Cabaret VoltaireMethodology '74}'78. Attic Tapes;CD5/19/2003not rated3:29:08
Cabaret VoltaireMicro-PhoniesLP1984not rated42:52
Cabaret VoltaireMicro-PhoniesCD1984not rated57:58
Cabaret VoltaireMix-UpCD1979not rated43:06
Cabaret VoltaireMix-UpLP1979not rated41:59
Cabaret VoltaireMix-UpLP1979not rated41:59
Cabaret VoltaireNag Nag Nag (remixes)CD2002not rated18:05
Cabaret VoltairePercussion ForceCD1991not rated50:16
Cabaret VoltairePlasticityCD1993not rated1:15:04
Cabaret VoltaireRadiation: BBC Recordings 1984-86CD1998not rated1:01:02
Cabaret VoltaireRed MeccaLP8/1981not rated40:28
Cabaret VoltaireRed MeccaCD1981not rated40:08
Cabaret VoltaireRed MeccaLP1981not rated40:28
Cabaret VoltaireTechnology: Western Re-Works 1992CD1992not rated1:14:50
Cabaret VoltaireTechnology: Western Re-Works 1992LP1992not rated1:13:53
Cabaret VoltaireThe ConversationLP1994not rated1:18:32
Cabaret VoltaireThe ConversationCD1994not rated2:11:28
Cabaret VoltaireThe Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The LordLP1985not rated
Cabaret VoltaireThe Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the LordCD1985not rated1:01:31
Cabaret VoltaireThe CrackdownCD1983not rated1:03:57
Cabaret VoltaireThe CrackdownLP8/1983not rated
Cabaret VoltaireThe Drain Train12" vinyl1986not rated34:03
Cabaret VoltaireThe Drain Train & The Pressure Company Live in SheffieldCD1986not rated1:09:40
Cabaret VoltaireThe Living LegendsCDnot rated1:07:49
Cabaret VoltaireThe Voice Of AmericaLP7/1980not rated39:35
Cabaret VoltaireThe Voice Of AmericaLP7/1980not rated39:35
Cabaret VoltaireThe Voice of AmericaCD1981not rated40:27
Cabaret VoltaireThree Mantras12" vinyl1980not rated40:50
Cabaret VoltaireThree MantrasCD1980not rated40:51
Cabaret VoltaireWhat is RealCD1991not rated20:15