Andrew Liles
Ouarda (The Subtle Art Of Phyllorhodomancy)

Andrew Liles - Ouarda (The Subtle Art Of Phyllorhodomancy)

  • Release date: 9/25/2008
  • Genre: Electronic/Abstract
  • Format: LP
  • not rated
  • Added February 21, 2019


1. Symphonium Star Wheelnot rated0:00
2. Spurious Middle Class Eccentricitynot rated0:00
3. Wooden Pegs And Other Dental Improvisationsnot rated0:00
4. Croydon Face-Liftnot rated0:00
5. Ouarda (The Subtle Art Of Phyllorhodomancy)not rated0:00
6. A Musty Smell On Jermyn Street (Version)not rated0:00
7. Black Miranda Rosenot rated0:00
8. Guinea Pigsnot rated0:00
9. Parrot Pienot rated0:00
10. A Fake Suicide In Parisnot rated0:00
11. Disappearance Of Spoonsnot rated0:00
12. Old Tom's Marrownot rated0:00
13. The Woodpecker And Cuckoo Debaclenot rated0:00
14. Nether Nether Landnot rated0:00
15. Adest Rosa Secreta Erosnot rated0:00
16. Best Friendnot rated0:00
17. In The Land Of My Father's Fathernot rated0:00
18. Paradise Lostnot rated0:00
19. Another Shift In This Universenot rated0:00
20. God's Missing Shoenot rated0:00
21. Love You Notnot rated0:00
22. Ten Thousand Dreams Interpretednot rated0:00

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