Grinding Walls

Dive - Grinding Walls

  • Release date: 1995
  • Genre: Electronic/EBM
  • Format: LP
  • Duration: 1:28:13
  • not rated
  • Added August 28, 2018


1. Dunes Of Rustnot rated3:50
2. Grinding Walls (Part 1)not rated5:29
3. The Infinite Shades Of Disgustnot rated2:41
4. Blood Feast.wavnot rated5:35
5. On Small Foetuses Black Souls Dance And Cry Their Triumphnot rated3:16
6. Welcome To Hell IVnot rated4:31
7. Grinding Walls (Part 2)not rated2:25
8. Inside My Spine Stones Of Death Are Threading Like Pearlsnot rated3:42
9. Flesh' Extreme Leapnot rated3:21
10. Small Paper Mannot rated2:07
11. And The Power Weaves Its Death Curtain With Our Dribble's Threadnot rated1:04
12. Blue Watersnot rated3:19
13. On The Future Path Is Now Leading The Cripple Marknot rated4:57
14. Running Circlenot rated3:07
15. Vicious Bitchnot rated2:46
16. Power Of Passionnot rated4:30
17. Man In The Mirrornot rated4:55
18. Sicknessnot rated2:17
19. Automatiquenot rated3:40
20. No Pain No Gamenot rated5:19
21. Killing Timenot rated3:37
22. Rocket USA (Live)not rated3:40
23. Welcome To Hell Part 2not rated8:05

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