Moira Kerr
Folk Warm And Gentle

Moira Kerr - Folk Warm And Gentle

  • Release date: 1969
  • Genre: Folk, World, & Country
  • Format: LP
  • not rated
  • Added December 13, 2017


1. I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Boundnot rated0:00
2. Mary Hamiltonnot rated0:00
3. Blowin' In The Windnot rated0:00
4. Donna, Donnanot rated0:00
5. Banks Of The Ohionot rated0:00
6. The Last Thing On My Mindnot rated0:00
7. Ate Amananot rated0:00
8. Butcher Boynot rated0:00
9. The House Of The Rising Sunnot rated0:00
10. What Have They Done To The Rain?not rated0:00
11. The Auld Maid In The Streetnot rated0:00
12. Plaisir D'amournot rated0:00
13. Jamaica Farewellnot rated0:00

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