Happy Flowers
Too Many Bunnies (Not Enough Mittens)

Happy Flowers - Too Many Bunnies (Not Enough Mittens)

  • Genre: Other
  • Format: CD
  • Category: misc
  • Duration: 1:10:32
  • not rated
  • Added April 5, 2007


1. Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acidnot rated4:53
2. Jenny Tried To Kiss Me At Recessnot rated2:22
3. More Mittensnot rated1:25
4. Daddy Meltednot rated3:45
5. Left Behindnot rated2:47
6. I'm The Stupid Onenot rated2:34
7. Bobby Made Me Eat A Frognot rated3:27
8. Just Wait Till I'm Bigger Than Younot rated2:14
9. I Saw My Picture On A Milk Cartonnot rated2:35
10. BB Gunnot rated3:01
11. Stop Touching My Foodnot rated1:28
12. Not Fade Awaynot rated2:08
13. I've Got The Picnic Diseasenot rated3:54
14. I Want My Tooth Backnot rated2:20
15. Charlie Got A Haircutnot rated2:06
16. I Said I Wanna Watch Cartoonsnot rated4:04
17. Hush Little Babynot rated0:39
18. I Don't Need Another Enemanot rated2:33
19. Wire Brushnot rated3:26
20. I Crush Bozonot rated3:19
21. Knownot rated0:51
22. I'm Gonna Have A Accidentnot rated1:52
23. Fever Dreamnot rated2:49
24. The Vacuum Ate Timmynot rated2:05
25. Why Didn't You Tell Me You Were Bringing Home A Babynot rated2:35
26. Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid (orig.)not rated5:08

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