The Moody Blues (9 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Moody BluesA Night at Red RocksCD1993not rated1:17:07
The Moody BluesA Question of BalanceCD1970not rated38:43
The Moody BluesEvery Good Boy Deserves FavourCD1971not rated40:10
The Moody BluesIn Search of The Lost ChordCD1968not rated42:10
The Moody BluesOctaveCD1978not rated46:34
The Moody BluesSeventh SojournCD1972not rated39:31
The Moody BluesStrange TimesCD1999not rated57:40
The Moody BluesSur La MerCD1988not rated51:08
The Moody BluesThe PresentCD1983not rated42:02