Various artists (75 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artists(Coles) Notes From UndergroundCD2005not rated25:31
Various artists1157 Wheeler Avenue: A Memorial For Amadou DialloCD2002not rated47:27
Various artistsA Festival Crammed with Bad Taste7" vinyl1998not rated12:00
Various artistsAlive!7" vinyl2013not rated8:23
Various artistsAlone In A Crowd SamplerCD2000not rated10:04
Various artistsAmerican Hardcore - The History Of American Punk Rock 1980-1986CD2006not rated37:01
Various artistsAt War With SocietyCD1998not rated1:15:22
Various artistsBay Area SkaCD1997not rated1:00:25
Various artistsBig D and the Kids Table/Lounge (Split)7" vinyl1998not rated9:54
Various artistsBoston Punk 2000CD2000not rated50:08
Various artistsBoston's Finest (Split)7" vinyl2000not rated9:33
Various artistsBreizh DisorderCD1999not rated1:12:07
Various artistsCKY/The Bronx (Split)7" vinyl2006not rated5:32
Various artistsCarol (Split)7" vinyl1997not rated6:08
Various artistsClass Pride World Wide 2CD2002not rated1:01:41
Various artistsCulture Shock Punk RockCD2000not rated1:12:01
Various artistsDecibators/Reagan National Crash Diet (Split)7" vinyl2002not rated5:56
Various artistsEpitaph Sound Sampler 2007CD2007not rated38:44
Various artistsFat Music Vol. IV: Life in the Fat LaneCD1999not rated43:42
Various artistsFrom Grass To Cheese/Spaceglad (Split)7" vinyl1997not rated14:48
Various artistsFrom the Fox Valley to the Northside7" vinyl1996not rated5:48
Various artistsGarbage Picking Youth (Split)7" vinyl2002not rated8:57
Various artistsGive 'em the Boot vol. 4CD2004not rated1:14:25
Various artistsGo Ahead Punk Make My DayCD1996not rated21:54
Various artistsHonest Don's Greatest ShitsCD1998not rated32:01
Various artistsHonest Don's Welcome WagonCD1997not rated36:20
Various artistsHopelessly Devoted To YouCD1995not rated33:58
Various artistsHopelessly Devoted To You vol. 4CD2002not rated57:33
Various artistsInterpunk Local CompilationCD2005not rated1:01:52
Various artistsLesson For TodayCD2002not rated49:55
Various artistsMailorder Is Still FunCD1999not rated1:12:23
Various artistsMoving Targets/Screeching Weasel (Split)7" vinyl1988not rated5:35
Various artistsMulligan Stu/Teen Idols (Split)7" vinyl1996not rated7:42
Various artistsMunkyfest 4CD2002not rated42:04
Various artistsOne For The Ages! (Split)7" vinyl2004not rated5:12
Various artistsPunk Rock Strike, vol. 1CD2000not rated1:12:24
Various artistsPunk Rock Strike, vol. 2 : Punk Rock Strikes BackCD2001not rated1:12:18
Various artistsPunk Rock Strike, vol. 3CD2003not rated1:10:34
Various artistsPunk-O-RamaCD1996not rated45:24
Various artistsPunk-O-Rama vol. 4CD1999not rated1:02:04
Various artistsPunk-O-Rama vol. 5CD2000not rated1:13:46
Various artistsPunk-O-Rama vol. 6CD2001not rated56:37
Various artistsPunk-O-Rama vol. 7CD2002not rated54:27
Various artistsPunk-O-Rama vol. 8CD2003not rated48:54
Various artistsPunk-O-Rama vol. 9CD2004not rated1:18:43
Various artistsQuincy Shanks Sampler #3CD2001not rated32:47
Various artistsQuincy Shanks Sampler #4CD2002not rated26:05
Various artistsReally Fast vol. 812" vinyl1993not rated46:15
Various artistsRock Against FloydCD2005not rated28:22
Various artistsRokCD2000not rated33:58
Various artistsScreeching Weasel/Pink Lincolns (Split)7" vinyl1993not rated9:06
Various artistsSex Sells?CD2000not rated1:12:38
Various artistsShort Music for Short PeopleCD1999not rated49:26
Various artistsSidecar/Trigger Happy (Split)7" vinyl1999not rated9:43
Various artistsSky Tours Chapter 1: A.D. 2000CD2000not rated1:13:51
Various artistsSongs bought from iTunesMP32011not rated46:10
Various artistsSpring Really SucksCD1999not rated1:09:38
Various artistsSpringman To The Rescue!CD2004not rated46:16
Various artistsStations/The Strap-Ons (Split)7" vinyl2002not rated8:13
Various artistsSurvival of the Fattest vol. 2CD1996not rated42:23
Various artistsTeen Idols/Krhissy (Split)7" vinyl1997not rated9:36
Various artistsThe "Gone With The Wind" of Punk Rock SamplersCD2000not rated50:01
Various artistsThe Crow - City Of AngelsCD1996not rated1:13:56
Various artistsThe Five Fingers of Dr. XCD2000not rated1:08:14
Various artistsThe Frownies/The Embarrassing Wrecks (Split)7" vinyl1999not rated5:03
Various artistsThe Jim-Jims/Thee Fine Lines (Split)7" vinyl2002not rated7:41
Various artistsThe Songs of Tony Sly: A TributeCD2013not rated1:30:42
Various artistsThis is Bad TasteCD1996not rated38:03
Various artistsTil Death Do Us Party (Split)7" vinyl2002not rated3:40
Various artistsToo Much to HandleCD2001not rated1:13:59
Various artistsUrotsukidoji/Winter In June (Split)CD2002not rated21:24
Various artistsUseless I.D./Man Alive (Split)7" vinyl2003not rated10:08
Various artistsVML Live Series 2 Vol. 2CD1999not rated53:50
Various artistsWe'll Punk You Up!CD1999not rated47:24
Various artistsYou Call this Music?!CD2000not rated1:07:03