Various Artists (104 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various ArtistsLynyrd's Innards/Groovie Ghoulies/Slingshot Episode10" vinyl1999not rated
Various ArtistsLoud North America Punk Vol. 37" vinyl1995not rated4:20
Various ArtistsRise Against/Face to Face (Split)7" vinyl2011not rated5:29
Various ArtistsBouncing Souls/Hot Water Music (Split)7" vinyl2011not rated5:44
Various ArtistsJoint Souls (Split)CD2000not rated5:47
Various ArtistsBlink-182/Swindle – Lemmings/Going Nowhere7" vinyl1996not rated6:25
Various ArtistsNOFX / The Spits (Split)7" vinyl2010not rated6:48
Various ArtistsThe Horrible Crowes/Chuck Ragan Split SamplerCD2011not rated7:28
Various ArtistsSummer Games (Split)CD1996not rated7:38
Various ArtistsTeen Idols / Squirtgun (Split)CD2003not rated8:53
Various ArtistsNW Punk... Whatever #27" vinyl2017not rated9:53
Various ArtistsJanelle/El Mozote (Split)CD1993not rated10:19
Various ArtistsGreetings From The UndergroundCD2005not rated12:30
Various ArtistsMayday Parade/Alesana (Split Sampler)CD2008not rated13:32
Various ArtistsStand By You!! (Split)CD2002not rated14:44
Various ArtistsGoing Dutch (Split)CD2001not rated15:18
Various ArtistsExchangeCD1999not rated15:40
Various ArtistsThree Minute Margin/Tokyo Adventures (Split)CD2002not rated17:48
Various ArtistsMass Murderers/Tagada Jones (Split)CD2000not rated18:39
Various ArtistsPunkrock Rendez-Vous (Split)CD1999not rated20:40
Various ArtistsFudge Sickill Records/Hewhocorrupts Inc. SamplerCD2002not rated21:05
Various ArtistsSongs From The Penalty BoxCD2002not rated21:12
Various ArtistsDarkbuster vs. Tommy and the TerrorsCD2001not rated23:06
Various ArtistsWarped 2004 SamplerCD2004not rated23:18
Various ArtistsThe F-17 Project (Split)CD1999not rated23:38
Various ArtistsThree Way SplitCD2006not rated24:25
Various ArtistsAnti-Floyd The Terrier StateCD2004not rated24:43
Various ArtistsLet It Burn (Split)CD2000not rated25:12
Various ArtistsA History In 11 Parts (Split)CD1999not rated25:13
Various ArtistsRetarded/The Apers (Split)CD2000not rated26:01
Various ArtistsSomething's Wrong (Split)CD1998not rated26:52
Various ArtistsOrange Peal Records 2003 SamplerCD2003not rated27:20
Various ArtistsThe New Wind And The Second Wave (Split)CD2007not rated28:14
Various ArtistsQuincy Shanks Sampler #5CD2003not rated28:14
Various ArtistsDoing' Snuff With Roy Scherer (Split)CD1997not rated28:23
Various ArtistsThe Slackers/Pulley (Split)CD2004not rated29:10
Various ArtistsResign (Split)CD2001not rated30:54
Various ArtistsThe Collection Series II (Split)CD2001not rated31:19
Various ArtistsShady View Terrace/The Lawrence Arms [Split]CD2001not rated31:22
Various ArtistsExtreme Sound ExcursionCD2001not rated31:55
Various ArtistsFour on the FloorCD1999not rated32:02
Various ArtistsThe Fairlanes/Stinking Polecats (Split)CD2001not rated32:10
Various ArtistsFastmusic KillsCD1999not rated32:21
Various ArtistsConcrete WavesCD2002not rated33:32
Various ArtistsBrodie/Glasshead (Split)CD2001not rated35:58
Various ArtistsSaskatoon Or BustCD2000not rated35:58
Various ArtistsTheologian Records Free Sampler 1998CD1998not rated36:46
Various ArtistsPunk USACD1994not rated37:45
Various ArtistsChamp LibreCD2004not rated39:20
Various ArtistsRydell/San Geronimo/A Rocket Sent To You (Split)CD2002not rated39:31
Various ArtistsPunk-O-Rama vol. 2CD1996not rated39:55
Various ArtistsPunk-O-Rama vol. 2.1CD1997not rated39:57
Various ArtistsHot Curly WeenieCD1997not rated41:24
Various ArtistsPounded The Official Comic Book SoundtrackCD2002not rated41:57
Various ArtistsQuality Punk RockCD1995not rated42:38
Various ArtistsMetal AddictionCD2006not rated42:51
Various ArtistsFaceplant 2000CD2000not rated42:58
Various ArtistsSoul ArchCD1994not rated43:21
Various ArtistsAMP Magazine Sampler Vol. 26CD2007not rated43:32
Various ArtistsRed Scare Industries: 10 Years Of Your Dumb BullshitCD2014not rated44:40
Various ArtistsBrainscanCD1994not rated44:44
Various ArtistsSurchargeCD2000not rated44:53
Various ArtistsSKA The Third WaveCD1995not rated46:19
Various ArtistsVML Live Series 1 Vol. 8CD1999not rated47:57
Various ArtistsA Rough Trade Records CompilationCD2002not rated48:05
Various ArtistsAt the Scene of the Accident (Split)CD2002not rated48:52
Various ArtistsHopelessly Devoted To You vol. 5CD2004not rated49:01
Various ArtistsThe All-Skanadian ClubCD1996not rated50:05
Various ArtistsGarage-Pop Records Rock And RollCD2000not rated50:17
Various Artists1 in 3000 Nerds Can't Be Wrong (Split)CD1995not rated51:13
Various ArtistsGenerations I - A Punk Look At Human RightsCD1997not rated51:40
Various ArtistsElmhurst Vs. Villa ParkCD2001not rated52:57
Various ArtistsGive 'em the Boot vol. 6CD2007not rated53:22
Various ArtistsSky Tours Chapter 2: A.D. 2001CD2001not rated54:36
Various ArtistsSkanking in the Pit Vol. 1CD2015not rated54:53
Various ArtistsBits & PiecesCD2001not rated55:45
Various ArtistsThat Darn PunkCD2001not rated55:57
Various ArtistsNorthcore - The Polar Scene CompilationCD1994not rated56:37
Various ArtistsPunk UprisingsCD1996not rated57:29
Various ArtistsSpringman Records SamplerCD2003not rated58:13
Various ArtistsThe ShowCD1998not rated59:35
Various ArtistsPunk-O-Rama vol. 3CD1998not rated1:02:38
Various ArtistsCD1999not rated1:04:18
Various ArtistsBands We LikeCD2003not rated1:05:10
Various ArtistsKeep It Loud!CD2000not rated1:05:36
Various ArtistsChicken Head Records : Compilation #2CD2001not rated1:06:36
Various ArtistsBRYCC House BenefitCD2001not rated1:07:51
Various ArtistsPsycho Sounds of the UndergroundCD2011not rated1:08:19
Various ArtistsQuébec Punk SceneCD2005not rated1:10:26
Various ArtistsScene Not HeardCD2008not rated1:10:38
Various ArtistsGive 'em the BootCD2002not rated1:10:46
Various ArtistsShut The Punk Up!CD2000not rated1:12:00
Various ArtistsGeneric SkacaCD1995not rated1:12:19
Various ArtistsAre You Still Punk Enough? vol. 3CD2000not rated1:12:29
Various ArtistsNot So Quiet On the ColdfrontCD2001not rated1:12:54
Various ArtistsPunk Rock Strike, vol. 4CD2003not rated1:13:57
Various ArtistsBreizh Disorder vol. 2CD2001not rated1:14:57
Various ArtistsArm The Pit: Save The KidsCD2005not rated1:16:30
Various ArtistsRainbow Quartz Label SamplerCD2003not rated1:17:18
Various ArtistsLive Plus One (Split)CD2001not rated1:31:35
Various ArtistsKeiths KompilationCD2002not rated1:55:41
Various ArtistsVans Warped Tour (2002 Tour Compilation)CD2002not rated2:30:36
Various ArtistsWrecktrospectiveCD2009not rated3:46:21
Various ArtistsStill StandingCD2003not rated4:55:50