Screeching Weasel (20 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Screeching WeaselAnthem For A New TomorrowCD1993not rated33:45
Screeching WeaselBark Like A DogCD1996not rated34:47
Screeching WeaselBeat Is On The BratCD1998not rated34:13
Screeching WeaselBoogadaboogadaboogadaCD1988not rated41:25
Screeching WeaselEmoCD1999not rated38:46
Screeching WeaselFirst World Manifesto12" vinyl2011not rated31:08
Screeching WeaselFirst World ManifestoCD2011not rated31:16
Screeching WeaselHow To Make Enemies And Irritate PeopleCD1994not rated28:02
Screeching WeaselJesus Hates You7" vinyl1999not rated8:41
Screeching WeaselKill The MusiciansCD1995not rated1:09:27
Screeching WeaselMajor Label DebutCD1998not rated10:27
Screeching WeaselPervo Devo7" vinyl1991not rated7:38
Screeching WeaselPunkhouse7" vinyl1989not rated9:57
Screeching WeaselRadioblast7" vinyl1992not rated7:13
Screeching WeaselScreeching WeaselCD1987not rated56:41
Screeching WeaselSuzanne is Getting Married7" vinyl1994not rated4:57
Screeching WeaselTeen Punks In HeatCD2000not rated36:27
Screeching WeaselTelevision City DreamCD1998not rated27:31
Screeching WeaselThank You Very LittleCD2000not rated1:58:18
Screeching WeaselWiggleCD1992not rated44:07