Bad Religion (14 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Bad Religion30 Years Live12" vinyl2016not rated41:55
Bad ReligionAgainst the GrainCD1991not rated35:24
Bad ReligionGeneratorCD1992not rated35:05
Bad ReligionNew Maps Of HellCD2007not rated38:37
Bad ReligionNo ControlCD1989not rated26:21
Bad ReligionRecipe For HateCD1993not rated37:40
Bad ReligionStranger Than FictionCD1994not rated38:25
Bad ReligionStranger Than Fiction (EP)7" vinyl1994not rated3:53
Bad ReligionSufferCD1987not rated26:12
Bad ReligionThe Dissent of ManCD2010not rated43:06
Bad ReligionThe Empire Strikes FirstCD2004not rated39:45
Bad ReligionThe Gray RaceCD1996not rated38:35
Bad ReligionThe Process Of BeliefCD2002not rated36:53
Bad ReligionTrue NorthCD2013not rated35:17