Complete list of wadson's songs

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Artist Title Album Duration Rating Format Released
XPQ-21SonneAlive6:26not ratedCD2006
XPQ-21The First OneAlive5:14not ratedCD2006
XPQ-21White And Alive (Club)Alive5:41not ratedCD2006
XSRYGrave WisdomIt Ain't Dead Yet3:47not ratedFlac12/19/2016
XSRYKaifA Terrible Thing To Cover6:04not ratedFlac7/30/2017
XTC1000 UmbrellasSkylarking3:44not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCAnother SatelliteSkylarking4:15not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCBallet For A Rainy DaySkylarking2:50not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCBig DaySkylarking3:32not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCDear GodSkylarking3:38not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCDyingSkylarking2:31not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCEarn Enough For UsSkylarking2:54not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCGrassSkylarking3:05not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCMermaid SmiledSkylarking2:26not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCSacrificial BonfireSkylarking3:49not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCSeason CycleSkylarking3:21not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCSummer's CauldronSkylarking3:19not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCThat's Really Super, SupergirlSkylarking3:21not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCThe Man Who Sailed Around His SoulSkylarking3:24not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XTCThe Meeting PlaceSkylarking3:14not ratedFlac5/16/2001
XuberXFear Is FearElectronic Saviors - Industrial Music To Cure Cancer4:46not rated4CD+MP32010
XuberXSomething I Choose To Label Sampler 20102:35not ratedMP32010
XVSRussian SurvivalismLive In Moscow1:01not ratedDVD2007
Y FrontParasiteSampler Rock Sound - Volume 113:43not ratedCD1997
Y TraxxMystery LandCream Anthems 974:15not ratedFlac11/10/1997

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