Complete list of wadson's songs

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Artist Title Album Duration Rating Format Released
WynardtageEmbraced By DarknessPraise The Fallen5:12not ratedCD2007
WynardtageFalling DownPraise The Fallen5:50not ratedCD2007
WynardtageHurricane AgePraise The Fallen5:05not ratedCD2007
WynardtageIf There Is No TomorrowThe Grey Line7:09not ratedCD2008
WynardtageIn Death A TaleThe Grey Line4:36not ratedCD2008
WynardtageIn The Cold I'M SleepingPraise The Fallen5:41not ratedCD2007
WynardtageIt's All Coming BackPraise The Fallen5:57not ratedCD2007
WynardtageLeavingThe Grey Line5:34not ratedCD2008
WynardtageMaskThe Grey Line5:54not ratedCD2008
WynardtageMy LifeThe Grey Line4:42not ratedCD2008
WynardtageNow We Are AliveThe Grey Line5:03not ratedCD2008
WynardtagePraise The FallenPraise The Fallen7:24not ratedCD2007
WynardtageSterbehilfe 2008Praise The Fallen4:20not ratedCD2007
WynardtageThe Frozen PointThe Grey Line4:32not ratedCD2008
WynardtageThe Grey LineThe Grey Line4:52not ratedCD2008
WynardtageTragic HeroThe Grey Line5:40not ratedCD2008
WynardtageWalk Alone (Asylum Remix)Praise The Fallen5:09not ratedCD2007
WynardtageWhen We Are GonePraise The Fallen5:41not ratedCD2007
Wynardtage - remixed by AgonoizeCrash Of A StarThe Grey Line3:43not ratedCD2008
Wynardtage - remixed by ESCMaskThe Grey Line5:26not ratedCD2008
Wynardtage - remixed by X-FusionTragic HeroThe Grey Line4:19not ratedCD2008
X-FusionAlready DeadUltima Ratio4:05not ratedFlac2009
X-FusionBeyond RealityUltima Ratio4:28not ratedFlac2009
X-FusionBurn Down The FlagsUltima Ratio4:25not ratedFlac2009
X-FusionCatacombUltima Ratio4:15not ratedFlac2009

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