Complete list of wadson's songs

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Artist Title Album Duration Rating Format Released
System SynThe IntroductionPremeditated2:01not ratedCD2004
System SynThe Isolation Of A RealistThe Mourning Ritual3:58not ratedCD2006
System SynThe Other Side Of The WorldThe Mourning Ritual4:49not ratedCD2006
System SynThe Saddest Sound Was YouPostscript4:02not ratedFlac2005
System SynThrough ThisPostscript5:12not ratedFlac2005
System SynTo Be NothingPremeditated4:54not ratedCD2004
System SynTracing VeinsPremeditated5:50not ratedCD2004
System SynWinter CurrentThe Mourning Ritual3:52not ratedCD2006
System SynWould Have KilledPremeditated5:14not ratedCD2004
System Syn - Alter Der Ruine MixChemicalCry For Death Volume One (Industrial/Electro Edition)4:08not ratedMP38/2011
T'KallaPsalmsBuffalo Gals Back To Skool1:48not ratedFlac1998
T-Bone WalkerT-Bone BluesDeep South: The Story Of The Blues3:40not rated4CD2012
T-Error Machinez - remix by Alien:NationSelf Harm (Harmed To Death By AlienNation)Self Harm (Harmed To Death By AlienNation)5:23not ratedFlac8/16/2016
T-Error Machinez - remix by Obsidian FXAll Your Nightmares... Are Real!Mechanized Presents: Best Of 20152:58not ratedFlac12/12/2015
T. Graham BrownRock It BillyRock 'N' Roll Forever Vol. 3not ratedLP1990
T. Rex20th Century Boy (STOOF Remix - Instrumental)T.Remixes4:43not ratedFlac2017
T. Rex20th Century Boy (STOOF Remix)T.Remixes4:42not ratedFlac2017
T. Rex20th Century Boy (X.Ert Club Mix)T.Remixes5:15not ratedFlac2017
T. Rex20th Century Boy (X.Ert Remix)T.Remixes2:53not ratedFlac2017
T. RexAll AloneFuturistic Dragon2:50not ratedFlac2002
T. RexAll AloneFuturistic Dragon2:50not ratedFlac2002
T. RexAll Alone (Bonus Outtake)Futuristic Dragon3:51not ratedFlac2002
T. RexAll Alone (Solo Recording)Futuristic Dragon2:46not ratedFlac2002
T. RexBaby BoomerangThe Slider2:16not ratedCD1989
T. RexBaby BoomerangThe Slider2:16not ratedFlac1972

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