Complete list of wadson's songs

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Artist Title Album Duration Rating Format Released
HybridSnyperWider Angle - Special Edition8:17not ratedFlac6/12/2000
HybridSnyperWider Angle - Special Edition6:20not ratedFlac6/12/2000
HybridTheme From Wide AngleWider Angle - Special Edition6:28not ratedFlac6/12/2000
Hydra Division VOstracizedEndzeit Bunkertracks [Act VII] [The Bonus Tracks]6:08not ratedFlac6/6/2015
HypefactorThe Sweetest Soul (Rex Mix)Electronic Saviors - Industrial Music To Cure Cancer5:52not rated4CD+MP32010
HypercomplexAnticitizenGenetic Defekt Promotions - Recovery5:17not ratedMP32009
HypercomplexGenocideGenetic Defekt Promotions - Census5:17not ratedMP32010
HyperheadClose To HysteriaMetaphasia2:54not ratedCD1992
HyperheadEasy SlideMetaphasia4:24not ratedCD1992
HyperheadIgnition x 4Metaphasia5:12not ratedCD1992
HyperheadMaking WavesMetaphasia3:54not ratedCD1992
HyperheadMethod OneMetaphasia8:50not ratedCD1992
HyperheadPre-Emptive Counter AttackMetaphasia4:35not ratedCD1992
HyperheadTeenage MindMetaphasia5:43not ratedCD1992
HyperheadTerminal FearMetaphasia6:20not ratedCD1992
HyperheadTrashMetaphasia4:15not ratedCD1992
HyperheaduntitledMetaphasia0:26not ratedCD1992
HypnozBreath Of Earth (Excerpt)Iznutri4:17not ratedCD5/2007
HypocrisyEraser20 Years Of Nuclear Blast - Exclusive Clips And A Blasting HistorySpecial!not rated2DVD2008
HypocrisyInferior Devotes20 Years Of Nuclear Blast - Exclusive Clips And A Blasting HistorySpecial!not rated2DVD2008
HypoidBillion Dollar BabiesMutations4:31not ratedFlac2002
I Due Corsari & I CavalieriHei StellaThe Early Years. Retrospective 1958-19632:06not ratedFlac2017
I Hate FridaysLostFace The Beat: Session 54:30not ratedFlac10/2019
I Hate FridaysNot Quite Now or EverStatic.5:58not ratedFlac10/17/2019
I Porno YouSex Poo DanceFreak Machine 0.31:41not ratedFlac4/13/2015

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