featuring Sting (15 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Sting...Nothing Like The SunCD1987not rated55:10
Sting57th & 9thFlac2016not rated37:07
StingBrand New DayFlac1999not rated52:46
StingIf On A Winter's Night...Flac2009not rated50:53
StingMercury FallingCD1998not rated52:22
StingMy SongsFlac5/24/2019not rated1:18:19
StingSacred LoveFlac2003not rated58:13
StingSongs From The LabyrinthFlac2006not rated48:37
StingSymphonicitiesFlac2010not rated55:50
StingTen Summoner's TalesCD1998not rated56:59
StingThe Dream Of The Blue TurtlesCD1998not rated41:44
StingThe Dream Of The Blue TurtlesLP1985not rated41:44
StingThe Last ShipFlac2013not rated1:06:05
StingThe Soul CagesCD1998not rated48:18
StingThe Soul CagesLP1992not rated48:18