Tangerine Dream (23 albums, 2 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Tangerine DreamAlpha CentauriLP1972not rated39:25
Tangerine DreamBrussels 19762CDR7/2003not rated1:39:03
Tangerine DreamCatch Me... If You Can (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Flac1994not rated43:39
Tangerine DreamExitFlac1981not rated36:45
Tangerine DreamIn Search Of Hades (The Virgin Recordings 1973-1979)Flac+2BluRay6/14/2019not rated21:03:34
Tangerine DreamInfernoCD2002not rated1:19:11
Tangerine DreamLive At Coventry Cathedral 1975DVD3/28/2007not rated27:44
Tangerine DreamLive In America / 1992CD+DVD2004****46:04
Tangerine DreamMelroseFlac1990not rated59:26
Tangerine DreamNew Haven 1988Flac2004not rated1:51:19
Tangerine DreamOptical RaceFlac1989not rated53:16
Tangerine DreamParticlesFlac2016not rated1:18:13
Tangerine DreamPoland - The Warsaw ConcertCD1984not rated1:17:04
Tangerine DreamSanta Monica 1977 (Tangerine Tree Volume 66)Flac1977not rated1:44:26
Tangerine DreamThe Official Bootleg Series, Volume OneFlac10/23/2015not rated2:44:39
Tangerine DreamThe Official Bootleg Series, Volume ThreeFlac5/31/2019not rated3:22:38
Tangerine DreamThe Sessions IVFlac12/11/2018not rated1:04:13
Tangerine DreamThree PhaseVHS1993not rated
Tangerine DreamTimeSquare - Dream Mixes 2CD1998not rated57:39
Tangerine DreamTurn Of The TidesFlac1994not rated51:46
Tangerine DreamTygerCD1987not rated47:39
Tangerine DreamUnderwater SunlightFlac1986not rated40:16
Tangerine DreamWhite EagleFlac1982not rated38:21