Nine Inch Nails (118 albums, 6 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
A Tribute To Nine Inch NailsCovered In NailsCD2000not rated54:46
Nine Inch Nails"The Perfect Drug" VersionsCD51997not rated39:47
Nine Inch Nails1988.10.31 New York, Irving Plaza - "Show Up Or Throw Up"Flac1988not rated30:07
Nine Inch Nails2000 PittsburghMP32000not rated1:28:16
Nine Inch NailsAcoustic In ChicagoCDR2000not rated35:47
Nine Inch NailsAdd ViolenceFlac7/19/2017not rated27:14
Nine Inch NailsAmerica West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona, 19 September 20052CDR2005not rated1:43:32
Nine Inch NailsAnd All That Could Have Been2DVD2002not rated1:07:30
Nine Inch NailsAnd All That Could Have Been (Deluxe Edition)2CD2002not rated1:57:23
Nine Inch NailsArco Arena, Sacramento, CA, 28 September 20052CDR2005not rated1:39:19
Nine Inch NailsAstoria, London 31/03/20052CDR2005not rated1:31:08
Nine Inch NailsAstoria, London, 31/03/2005DVD5/8/2005not rated
Nine Inch NailsBBC Radio 1 Maida Vale Session 2005MCD8/3/2005not rated28:20
Nine Inch NailsBad WitchFlac6/22/2018not rated30:14
Nine Inch NailsBoston, Mass, 13 May 20052CDR2005not rated1:33:02
Nine Inch NailsBrixton Academy, London, UK, 5th July 20052CDR2005not rated1:50:54
Nine Inch NailsBrokenMCD9/22/1992not rated33:07
Nine Inch NailsBrokenFlac12/22/2016not rated31:37
Nine Inch NailsBroken (Movie)DVD1993not rated
Nine Inch NailsBroken (Movie)DVD1993not rated
Nine Inch NailsCapital GFlac7/2007not rated12:26
Nine Inch NailsCloser To GodMCD1994not rated52:42
Nine Inch NailsClosure2DVD1997not rated
Nine Inch NailsCoachella Music & Arts Festival, 1 May 2005CDR2005not rated1:16:40
Nine Inch NailsColumbiahalle, Berlin, Germany, 15th June 20052CDR2005not rated1:38:44
Nine Inch NailsComing Down FastCD1994not rated1:19:22
Nine Inch NailsDavis, CA, March 25th, 20052CDR2005not rated1:24:06
Nine Inch NailsDec 09, 1989 - Newark, NJ, PipelineFlac1989not rated58:19
Nine Inch NailsDemos & RemixesCD1992not rated1:05:54
Nine Inch NailsDown In ItMCD1989not rated17:46
Nine Inch NailsElectric Factory, Philadelphia, PA, 18 May 2005DVD6/2005not rated
Nine Inch NailsEvery Day Is Exactly The SameMCD2006not rated50:16
Nine Inch NailsFebruary 21st, 2006, The Toledo Sports Arena2CDR2006not rated1:41:35
Nine Inch NailsFixedMCD1992not rated40:21
Nine Inch NailsFragility 1.0, Barcelona 11/14/992CDR1999not rated1:35:35
Nine Inch NailsFragility 1.0, Berlin 11/22/992CDR1999not rated1:34:38
Nine Inch NailsFragility 2.0, Cleveland 04/12/002CD2000not rated1:28:19
Nine Inch NailsFragility 2.0, Indianapolis 04/20/002CDR2000not rated1:34:49
Nine Inch NailsFragility 2.0, Madison Square Garden, New York City, May 9th, 2000DVD8/20/2005not rated
Nine Inch NailsFragility 2.0, Philadelphia 05/06/002CDR2000not rated1:30:18
Nine Inch NailsFragility 2.0, Wiesen 07/08/00CDR2000not rated1:14:19
Nine Inch NailsFresno, CA, March 23rd, 20052CDR2005not rated1:22:31
Nine Inch NailsFuck George Bush! Live In Moscow August 1, 20072CDR8/3/2007not rated1:28:00
Nine Inch NailsFurther Down The SpiralFlac8/2017not rated1:18:24
Nine Inch NailsFurther Down The SpiralMCD1995not rated1:03:59
Nine Inch NailsFurther Down The SpiralMCD1995not rated1:00:25
Nine Inch NailsGhosts I-IV2CD+BluRay+DVD2008**** 1/23:40:30
Nine Inch NailsGlamour DeathCD1995not rated1:13:58
Nine Inch NailsHammar HardCD1995not rated50:52
Nine Inch NailsHead Like A HoleMCD1990not rated56:47
Nine Inch NailsHead Like A Hole / SinMCD1990not rated1:15:59
Nine Inch NailsHesitation Marks2CD8/30/2013not rated1:19:42
Nine Inch NailsHesitation Marks (Audiophile Mastered Version)Flac9/3/2013not rated1:01:57
Nine Inch NailsHole In Your HeadCD1994not rated1:15:17
Nine Inch NailsKROQ Almost Acoustic ChristmasCD2005not rated1:04:50
Nine Inch NailsKey Arena, Seattle, WA, 23 September 20052CDR2005not rated1:43:13
Nine Inch NailsLe Zenith, Paris, France, 22nd June 20052CDR2005not rated1:48:46
Nine Inch NailsLights Over PortlandFlac12/7/2008not rated2:14:20
Nine Inch NailsLights Over SacramentoFlac2008not rated2:15:34
Nine Inch NailsLights Over VictoriaFlac2008not rated2:15:02
Nine Inch NailsLive At Rockin'Park Festival, 2005-06-26DVD7/2005not rated
Nine Inch NailsLive At The Roskilde Festival 2000CDR2000not rated1:05:40
Nine Inch NailsLive At The Video BarDVD1990not rated50:51
Nine Inch NailsLive At Woodstock 08.13.94DVD1994not rated
Nine Inch NailsLive In Boston, December 7, 1989CDR1989not rated48:44
Nine Inch NailsLive In London, March 6, 20062CDR2006not rated1:41:24
Nine Inch NailsLive In MoscowDVD2007not rated1:27:59
Nine Inch NailsLive: Beside You In TimeDVD2/27/2007not rated
Nine Inch NailsLollapaloozaFlac1991not rated40:43
Nine Inch NailsMarch Of The Pigs2MCD1994not rated32:07
Nine Inch NailsMarch Of The PigsMCD2/25/1994not rated27:19
Nine Inch NailsMarquee Theatre, Tempe, Arizona, 27 May 20052CDR2005not rated1:33:26
Nine Inch NailsMarquee Theatre, Tempe, Arizona, 28 May 20052CDR2005not rated1:25:47
Nine Inch NailsMemorial Hall, Kansas City, September 17, 19942CDR1994not rated1:30:48
Nine Inch NailsMetro Nightclub, Melbourne, Australia, May 13, 2007DVD2007not rated
Nine Inch NailsMolson Gardens Barrie CANCDR1994not rated1:15:19
Nine Inch NailsNot The Actual EventsFlac12/23/2016not rated21:10
Nine Inch NailsOnlyCD57/25/2005not rated17:17
Nine Inch NailsOnlyFlac2005not rated27:51
Nine Inch NailsPalacio De Los Deportes, Mexico City, 02 June 20052CD6/2005not rated1:52:42
Nine Inch NailsPiggyFlac1994not rated13:10
Nine Inch NailsPoughkeepsie, NY, 3 August 1994DVD1994not rated
Nine Inch NailsPretty Hate MachineCD1991not rated48:48
Nine Inch NailsPromo SinglesCDR2006not rated1:20:14
Nine Inch NailsPromo Singles Pt 2CDR2006not rated49:32
Nine Inch NailsRated RDVD2004not rated
Nine Inch NailsRemixedCD2002not rated1:18:50
Nine Inch NailsReno, NV, March 24th, 20052CDR2005not rated1:27:07
Nine Inch NailsSan Diego 1990-02-02CDR1990not rated40:42
Nine Inch NailsShallow GraveCD1994not rated1:18:27
Nine Inch NailsSlaughter In The Air2CD1995not rated2:23:42
Nine Inch NailsSoma, San Diego, CA, USA, 30 May 20052CDR2005not rated1:33:46
Nine Inch NailsSouthside Festival, Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany, 12 June 2005CD2005not rated1:19:37
Nine Inch NailsSurvivalismCD52007not rated13:49
Nine Inch NailsSurvivalismFlac2007not rated8:38
Nine Inch NailsTarget Center, Minneapolis, February 4, 19952CDR1995not rated1:35:37
Nine Inch NailsThe Day The World Went AwayCD51999not rated15:47
Nine Inch NailsThe Downward SpiralCD1994not rated1:05:07
Nine Inch NailsThe Downward SpiralDVD-A11/23/2004not rated1:05:07
Nine Inch NailsThe Downward Spiral (Deluxe Edition)Hybrid 2SACD2004not rated2:15:50
Nine Inch NailsThe Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO, 4 May 20052CDR5/2005not rated1:24:32
Nine Inch NailsThe Fragile2CD1999not rated1:43:47
Nine Inch NailsThe Fragile: Deviations 1Flac12/22/2016not rated2:33:36
Nine Inch NailsThe Hand That FeedsCD54/2005not rated19:18
Nine Inch NailsThe Hand That FeedsDVD4/2005not rated
Nine Inch NailsThe Skydome, Toronto, September 20, 1995CD1995not rated1:19:49
Nine Inch NailsThe SlipCD+DVD7/22/2008not rated43:51
Nine Inch NailsThings Falling ApartMCD2000not rated53:26
Nine Inch NailsToothful VoodoolandDVD2009not rated
Nine Inch NailsToronto, May 10th, 20052CDR2005not rated1:42:02
Nine Inch NailsVienna, Austria, 14 June 20052CDR2005not rated1:37:25
Nine Inch NailsWarfield, San Francisco, April 27, 20052CD2005not rated1:37:15
Nine Inch NailsWe're In This TogetherMCD12/6/1999not rated54:38
Nine Inch NailsWith TeethCD2005not rated59:20
Nine Inch NailsWith TeethFlac4/27/2005not rated1:08:23
Nine Inch NailsY34RZ3R0R3M1X3DCD+DVD-Rom2007not rated1:11:21
Nine Inch NailsYear ZeroCD2007****1:03:50
Nine Inch NailsYou Can't Stop UsCD1995not rated1:09:51