Jimi Hendrix (428 albums, 8 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
(Not Just) A Jimi Hendrix TributeHazy DreamsFlac2003not rated46:59
A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix"If 6 Was 9"Flac1990not rated1:09:05
A Tribute To Jimi HendrixPower Of SoulCD2004not rated1:13:19
A Tribute To Jimi HendrixRevengeCD1995not rated1:08:21
A Tribute To Jimi HendrixStone FreeCD1993not rated1:03:27
A Tribute To Jimi HendrixVoodoo CrossingCD2003not rated1:15:43
Band Of GypsysEarth TonesCDR1995not rated1:15:42
Band Of GypsysFillmore East, NYC, December 31 1969, 1st showCDR10/30/2005not rated1:10:45
Band Of GypsysFillmore East, NYC, December 31 1969, 2nd show2CDR8/6/2004not rated1:58:16
Gypsy Sun & RainbowsShokan3CDR2005not rated3:45:18
Gypsy Sun & RainbowsWoodstock - Nothing But Primary Rhythm Things2CDR4/21/2007not rated2:06:47
Hendrix / Band Of GypsysStepping Stone/IzabellaFlac1970not rated7:00
Italian Jimi Hendrix HappeningSaturniaFlac2008not rated1:29:08
Jimi Hendrix'Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky (a.k.a. Jimi In Texas)CD1994not rated1:13:56
Jimi Hendrix16 Greatest ClassicsCD1988not rated52:47
Jimi Hendrix2 Nights At The Fillmore East6CD2007not rated5:34:16
Jimi Hendrix51st Anniversary (The Story Of Life...)8CD+VHS Box set11/1993not rated9:39:02
Jimi HendrixAcoustic Jams2CD1989not rated1:53:13
Jimi HendrixAfros In MotionCDR5/9/2005not rated24:35
Jimi HendrixAlbert Hall Experience2CD2001not rated1:48:47
Jimi HendrixAll Along The WatchtowerFlac1991not rated12:37
Jimi HendrixAm I Blue2CD2004not rated1:51:01
Jimi HendrixAnthologyFlac1993not rated2:14:12
Jimi HendrixAre You Experienced The Sessions? Vol.1CD1999not rated50:44
Jimi HendrixAre You Experienced The Sessions? Vol.2CD1999not rated59:50
Jimi HendrixAssembly Center Arena, Tulsa, OKFlac1970not rated55:01
Jimi HendrixAstro ManFlac2003not rated6:10:55
Jimi HendrixAt His Best2CDR2001not rated1:49:48
Jimi HendrixAt His Best (Volume 1 & 2 & 3)2CDR1972not rated1:45:24
Jimi HendrixAt The Atlanta Pop FestivalVHS1992not rated
Jimi HendrixAt The BeebFlac2008not rated1:13:54
Jimi HendrixAt The Isle Of WightVHS1990not rated
Jimi HendrixAt WoodstockVHS1992not rated
Jimi HendrixAtlanta International Pop Festival2CDR12/2004not rated1:33:49
Jimi HendrixAtlanta SpecialCD1992not rated1:00:17
Jimi HendrixBacking TracksFlac2006not rated49:12
Jimi HendrixBallad Of Jimi & Live At George's Club (The Authentic PPX Studio Recordings Vol. 3&4)CD1996not rated1:18:47
Jimi HendrixBallad Of Jimi (The Authentic PPX Studio Recordings Vol.3)CD1996not rated39:29
Jimi HendrixBaltimore Civic Center, June 13, 1970CD1995not rated1:09:35
Jimi HendrixBand Of Gypsies2CD1995not rated2:15:27
Jimi HendrixBand Of GypsysLP2008not rated45:33
Jimi HendrixBand Of GypsysCD6/12/1970not rated45:27
Jimi HendrixBand Of GypsysCD1991not rated1:05:53
Jimi HendrixBand Of Gypsys 2LP10/1986not rated40:06
Jimi HendrixBand Of Gypsys Live At The Fillmore East2CD2/23/1999not rated1:55:07
Jimi HendrixBand Of Gypsys Live At The Fillmore EastDVD7/6/1999not rated1:22:34
Jimi HendrixBerkeley Sound CheckFlac1970not rated40:44
Jimi HendrixBirth Of SuccessLP1973not rated
Jimi HendrixBirth Of Success. Jimi Hendrix LiveFlac1970not rated32:01
Jimi HendrixBlack Gold5CD1996not rated5:51:40
Jimi HendrixBlue Wild Angel. Live At The Isle Of WightCD2002not rated1:10:45
Jimi HendrixBlue Wild Angel. Live At The Isle Of Wight Special 2CD Edition2CD2002not rated1:59:16
Jimi HendrixBlue Wild Angel: Live At The Isle Of WightDVD2002not rated0:49
Jimi HendrixBlue Wild Angel: Live At The Isle Of WightBluRay2014not rated0:49
Jimi HendrixBlue WindowCDR1999not rated1:09:01
Jimi HendrixBlues2LP11/16/2010not rated1:12:29
Jimi HendrixBluesCD1994not rated1:12:29
Jimi HendrixBoston Garden 1970CDR10/31/2004not rated54:04
Jimi HendrixBoth Sides Of The Sky2LP2018not rated1:05:45
Jimi HendrixBoth Sides Of The SkyCD2018not rated1:05:46
Jimi HendrixBurning At FrankfurtCD1995not rated1:07:16
Jimi HendrixBurning Desire2LP11/27/2015not rated1:05:42
Jimi HendrixBurning DesireCD12/12/2006not rated1:05:42
Jimi HendrixCafe Au Go Go 17 March 1968CDR11/22/2004not rated1:20:42
Jimi HendrixCal Expo, SacramentoFlac1970not rated51:55
Jimi HendrixCalling Long Distance...CD1992not rated1:13:58
Jimi HendrixCan You Please Crawl Out Your Window?Flacnot rated34:40
Jimi HendrixCity To The Sticks '68. Davenport, IowaCD2001not rated44:49
Jimi HendrixCobo Hall, Detroit, 30/11/68CDR1968not rated58:17
Jimi HendrixCollectionCD1993not rated1:14:31
Jimi HendrixComplete Berkeley 19703CD2012not rated3:23:20
Jimi HendrixCornerstones 1967-1970Flac1990not rated1:08:32
Jimi HendrixCrash LandingCD1993not rated30:07
Jimi HendrixCrash LandingLP1980not rated29:34
Jimi HendrixCrash Landing (Unreleased Version)CDR2004not rated1:05:02
Jimi HendrixCrash Landing / Midnight LightningCDR1975not rated1:06:28
Jimi HendrixCrash Landing Reels And Electric Lady Land Jams 'n Outs2CDR10/25/2004not rated2:22:48
Jimi HendrixDanish Electric Circus2CDR11/18/2005not rated1:57:22
Jimi HendrixDe Lane Lea Demos And Olympic OutsCDR1994not rated1:10:34
Jimi HendrixDemos 1968CD1994not rated39:43
Jimi HendrixDiamonds In The DustFlac1995not rated2:30:56
Jimi HendrixDoes Everybody Feel AlrightCDR1970not rated1:13:36
Jimi HendrixDrinking Wine, Sipping TimeCDR6/2/1999not rated1:07:47
Jimi HendrixDrivin' SouthFlac6/5/2000not rated44:35
Jimi HendrixDrone BluesCD4/1993not rated1:12:48
Jimi HendrixElectric Lady Mixing SessionsCDR9/1/1998not rated1:06:30
Jimi HendrixElectric LadylandDVD1999not rated
Jimi HendrixElectric Ladyland & Beyond2CD2006not rated2:18:51
Jimi HendrixElectric Shock At The Hollywood BowlCD2000not rated1:06:56
Jimi HendrixEvansvilleFlac1970not rated1:05:38
Jimi HendrixEvery Way To Paradise4CD1993not rated4:20:55
Jimi HendrixExperienceDVD2001not rated
Jimi HendrixExperienceLP1990not rated27:06
Jimi HendrixExperience Hendrix - The Best Of Jimi HendrixFlac2008not rated2:24:14
Jimi HendrixFeed-BackCD+DVD2005not rated1:50:43
Jimi HendrixFireMCD4/16/2011not rated8:20
Jimi HendrixFirst Night At The Royal Albert HallFlac2015not rated1:30:50
Jimi HendrixFirst Rays Of The New Rising Sun2LP2010not rated1:09:25
Jimi HendrixFirst Rays Of The New Rising SunCD+DVD2/9/2010not rated1:09:35
Jimi HendrixFirst Rays Of The New Rising SunCD1997not rated1:09:36
Jimi HendrixFlamesCD1993not rated1:18:14
Jimi HendrixFlyer2CD2012not rated2:11:58
Jimi HendrixFort Worth, TXFlac1970not rated1:10:57
Jimi HendrixFree ConcertCDR1994not rated1:11:29
Jimi HendrixFuckin' His Guitar For DenmarkCDR1988not rated40:18
Jimi HendrixGood FeelingCD1991not rated52:09
Jimi HendrixGothenburg '702CDR3/28/2001not rated1:30:08
Jimi HendrixGrooveCDR2008not rated51:33
Jimi HendrixGuitar GiantsFlacnot rated3:15:13
Jimi HendrixGuitar HeroFlac1978not rated52:50
Jimi HendrixH.I.C.Arena 1970CDR1970not rated34:24
Jimi HendrixHal Leonard Jazz Play Along Vol. 80CD2008not rated1:03:50
Jimi HendrixHaleakala CraterDVD1970not rated
Jimi HendrixHealing PowerFlac1999not rated2:26:29
Jimi HendrixHear My Music2LP2014not rated
Jimi HendrixHear My MusicCD11/30/2004not rated1:09:58
Jimi HendrixHear My Train A Comin'BluRay2013not rated
Jimi HendrixHells SessionFlac1987not rated49:03
Jimi HendrixHemisphere Arena, San Antonio, TX 1970-05-10Flac1970not rated1:05:39
Jimi HendrixHendrix In The WestLP1980not rated
Jimi HendrixHendrix In The WestCD1988not rated40:26
Jimi HendrixHendrix In The WestCD2011not rated1:05:27
Jimi HendrixHendrix In The West2LP9/13/2011not rated1:05:19
Jimi HendrixHendrix Live (An Illustrated Experience)CD2007not rated1:09:23
Jimi HendrixHendrix Live In Scandinavia Vol. 16CD2007not rated5:14:11
Jimi HendrixHere Comes The SunCD2003not rated1:12:05
Jimi HendrixHigh, Live 'N DirtyLP1978*****30:15
Jimi HendrixIn The BeginningFlac1972not rated35:06
Jimi HendrixIn The Studio10CD2006not rated11:00:31
Jimi HendrixInterview Disc & Fully Illustrated BookCD1995not rated31:19
Jimi HendrixIsle Of Fehmarn September 6 1970CDR2004not rated1:16:33
Jimi HendrixIsle Of WightCD1988not rated34:06
Jimi HendrixIsle Of WightLP2/1972not rated
Jimi HendrixIt's Only A Paper MoonCD1994not rated1:09:18
Jimi HendrixJimi By Himself. The Home RecordingsCD1998not rated28:54
Jimi HendrixJimi Hendrix2CD1992not rated1:49:46
Jimi HendrixJimi HendrixFlac1980not rated7:41:27
Jimi HendrixJimi Hendrix (Deluxe Edition)DVD1973not rated
Jimi HendrixJimi In DenmarkCD1/28/1995not rated1:15:04
Jimi HendrixJimi Plays BerkeleyDVD9/16/2003not rated
Jimi HendrixJimi Plays BerkeleyVHS+MCD4/30/1991not rated19:57
Jimi HendrixJimi Plays MontereyCD1993not rated45:51
Jimi HendrixJimi's Private Reels Vol. 1. Two Guitars On A Wednesday NightCD1999not rated56:33
Jimi HendrixJohnny B. GoodeVHS1997not rated
Jimi HendrixJohnny B. GoodeCD6/1986not rated42:33
Jimi HendrixJohnny B. Goode (An Original Video Soundtrack)LP1986not rated26:08
Jimi HendrixKing & Wonder SessionsCD1994not rated55:36
Jimi HendrixKiss The SkyCD1984not rated46:43
Jimi HendrixKiss The SkyFlac1984not rated46:45
Jimi HendrixKonserthuset, Stockholm 1/9/69 (a.k.a. On The Killing Floor)2CDR1999not rated2:06:04
Jimi HendrixLifelines. The Jimi Hendrix StoryFlac1990not rated4:25:54
Jimi HendrixLittle WingCD1/1994not rated50:13
Jimi HendrixLive & Unreleased - The Radio Show3CD1989not rated3:17:41
Jimi HendrixLive And Unleashed5CD2007not rated5:34:24
Jimi HendrixLive At Berkeley, 1st ShowCDR1970not rated1:21:58
Jimi HendrixLive At MontereyVHS1986not rated
Jimi HendrixLive At The Isle Of FehmarnCD12/13/2005not rated1:17:23
Jimi HendrixLive At WoodstockCD+DVD2002not rated38:40
Jimi HendrixLive At WoodstockBluRay3/8/2010not rated
Jimi HendrixLive At Woodstock3LP12/16/2010not rated1:36:23
Jimi HendrixLive At Woodstock2DVD2005not rated
Jimi HendrixLive At Woodstock2CD2002not rated1:36:37
Jimi HendrixLive At Woodstock CompleteDVD2013not rated
Jimi HendrixLive Isle Of Wight '70CD1991not rated1:02:02
Jimi HendrixLive USACD1991not rated1:01:27
Jimi HendrixLoose EndsCD1988not rated35:20
Jimi HendrixLove Or ConfusionFlac9/28/2010not rated14:14
Jimi HendrixMachine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/1969Hybrid SACD2016not rated1:10:21
Jimi HendrixMaple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1969-05-03CDR2003not rated1:09:21
Jimi HendrixMargaritas Ante PorcosCDR9/2008not rated1:17:18
Jimi HendrixMartin Scorsese Presents The BluesCD2003not rated1:15:50
Jimi HendrixMay 2, 1970, Madison, Wisconsin (2 Source Merge)CDR11/2004not rated1:28:47
Jimi HendrixMerry Christmas And Happy New YearMCD1999not rated16:09
Jimi HendrixMessage From Nine To The UniverseCD2006not rated1:18:20
Jimi HendrixMidnight LightningCD12/1/1989not rated36:08
Jimi HendrixMidnight LightningLP1980not rated36:27
Jimi HendrixMidnight LightningCDR2001not rated1:17:21
Jimi HendrixMidnight LightningLP1975not rated36:27
Jimi HendrixMidnight Lightning / Crash LandingCD2002not rated1:15:38
Jimi HendrixMixdown Master Tapes Vol. 1CD1998not rated1:06:32
Jimi HendrixMixdown Master Tapes Vol. 2CD1998not rated1:19:55
Jimi HendrixMixdown Master Tapes Vol. 3CD1998not rated1:14:30
Jimi HendrixMixdown Master Tapes, volume 4CD2002not rated1:16:38
Jimi HendrixMoonbeams & Fairytales22CD2008not rated23:42:32
Jimi HendrixMorning Symphony Ideas10" vinyl11/25/2016not rated19:35
Jimi HendrixMorning Symphony IdeasCD7/25/2000not rated1:10:33
Jimi HendrixMusic For FansCDRnot rated32:19
Jimi HendrixMusique Originale Du Film "Jimi Plays Berkeley"Flac1975not rated40:11
Jimi HendrixNewport 1969-06-22 Merge2CDR9/11/2005not rated1:56:41
Jimi HendrixNine To The UniverseCDR3/1980not rated38:07
Jimi HendrixNo More A Rolling StoneFlac2004not rated1:17:33
Jimi HendrixOlympic Gold Vol.1 & 22CDR1998not rated1:57:13
Jimi HendrixOne Night At The ArenaCD1995not rated59:29
Jimi HendrixOrgan JamsFlac2004not rated1:14:42
Jimi HendrixOuttakes & Studio SessionsCD1994not rated1:16:02
Jimi HendrixPaper AirplanesCD1995not rated1:17:56
Jimi HendrixPeople, Hell And AngelsCD3/2013not rated52:44
Jimi HendrixPeople, Hell And Angels2LP2013not rated53:01
Jimi HendrixPeople, Hell And AngelsHybrid SACD9/30/2016not rated53:01
Jimi HendrixRainbow BridgeDVD2000not rated
Jimi HendrixRainbow BridgeCD2014not rated43:03
Jimi HendrixRainbow Bridge (Original Motion Picture Sound Track)LPnot rated42:22
Jimi HendrixRainbow Bridge (Original Motion Picture Sound Track)Flac10/1971not rated42:42
Jimi HendrixRainbow Bridge (Original Motion Picture Sound Track)LP2014not rated42:22
Jimi HendrixRainbow Bridges - The Original SoundtrackCD2002not rated53:31
Jimi HendrixRaritiesCD1994not rated59:21
Jimi HendrixRaw Blues2CDR2004*****2:22:32
Jimi HendrixRedskin Jammin'2CD1995not rated2:26:48
Jimi HendrixRiots In BerkeleyCD6/1993not rated1:18:34
Jimi HendrixRockin' RehearsalsFlac12/12/2004not rated2:12:25
Jimi HendrixRockin' The USA Vol.16CD2008not rated6:40:45
Jimi HendrixRockin' The USA Vol.26CD2008not rated6:01:09
Jimi HendrixRoom Full Of HendrixDVD2004not rated
Jimi HendrixSan BernardinoCD1970not rated46:25
Jimi HendrixScuse Me While I Kiss The SkyCD1994not rated1:12:17
Jimi HendrixSeattle 1970CDR1970not rated1:12:59
Jimi HendrixSecond Time AroundFlac1979not rated30:11
Jimi HendrixSmash Hits. The Ultimate Critical ReviewDVD2006not rated
Jimi HendrixSomething On Your Mind/On The Killing Floor (The Authentic PPX Studio Recordings Vol. 5 & 6)CD1996not rated1:19:19
Jimi HendrixSomewhereCD2013not rated10:42
Jimi HendrixSongs For Groovy Children. The Fillmore East Concerts5CD11/22/2019not rated5:14:36
Jimi HendrixSongs For Groovy Children. The Fillmore East Concerts8LP12/13/2019not rated5:08:37
Jimi HendrixSoulful Sessions2CDR9/1/2000not rated2:05:10
Jimi HendrixSound Track Recordings From The Film Jimi Hendrix2LP1973not rated1:28:42
Jimi HendrixSound Track Recordings From The Film Jimi Hendrix2CDR6/14/1973**** 1/21:28:42
Jimi HendrixSouth Saturn Delta2LP4/12/2011not rated1:05:47
Jimi HendrixSouth Saturn DeltaCD1997not rated1:05:55
Jimi HendrixStages4CD1991not rated3:17:21
Jimi HendrixStimmen Der WeltCD1999not rated1:18:12
Jimi HendrixStraight Ahead: Spotlights The Year 1968Flac1993not rated52:10
Jimi HendrixStrate Ahead2CDR6/30/2004not rated1:34:31
Jimi HendrixStudio Sessions Volume 2Flac2008not rated6:48:18
Jimi HendrixStudio Sessions Volume. 16CD2008not rated6:12:06
Jimi HendrixTemple University 05-16-70Flac5/16/1970not rated50:27
Jimi HendrixTemple University 05/16/70Flac1970not rated49:41
Jimi HendrixThe Baggy Rehearsals & Gypsy Sun Rainbow Sessions5CD2012not rated5:54:20
Jimi HendrixThe Baggy's Rehearsal SessionsCD6/25/2002not rated1:07:05
Jimi HendrixThe Capricorn TapeCDR7/16/2003not rated50:03
Jimi HendrixThe Clock That Went Forward - Devonshire Downs 19693CD2012not rated2:29:32
Jimi HendrixThe Complete Of PPX Recordings6CD11/3/1999not rated3:45:08
Jimi HendrixThe Cry Of LoveCD1993not rated40:00
Jimi HendrixThe Cry Of LoveLP1980not rated40:29
Jimi HendrixThe Cry Of LoveFlac1985not rated40:09
Jimi HendrixThe Cry Of LoveFlac1971not rated40:29
Jimi HendrixThe Dick Cavett ShowDVD2002not rated
Jimi HendrixThe Essential Jimi Hendrix2LP+7" vinyl1978not rated
Jimi HendrixThe Great Jimi Hendrix Live!Flac1996not rated38:48
Jimi HendrixThe Guitar HeroDVD2010not rated1:39:41
Jimi HendrixThe Jimi Hendrix Classic Singles CollectionFlac1998not rated1:11:42
Jimi HendrixThe Jimi Hendrix Classic Singles Collection Vol. 2Flac2006not rated1:15:32
Jimi HendrixThe Jimi Hendrix ConcertsFlac1982not rated1:13:15
Jimi HendrixThe Jimi Hendrix Concerts2LP1982not rated1:13:22
Jimi HendrixThe Jimi Hendrix ConcertsFlac1982not rated1:13:36
Jimi HendrixThe Jimi Hendrix ConcertsCD1989not rated1:17:41
Jimi HendrixThe Last ArchivesCDR3/1/2005not rated44:51
Jimi HendrixThe Last Experience (His Final Live Performance)CD7/1990not rated1:05:44
Jimi HendrixThe Late Studio Sessions 1969-19705CD2010****6:04:36
Jimi HendrixThe Many Faces Of Jimi HendrixFlac2017not rated3:14:21
Jimi HendrixThe Rainbow Bridge Concert2CD2004not rated1:24:54
Jimi HendrixThe Singles Album2CD1985not rated1:30:00
Jimi HendrixThe Singles Album2LP1983not rated1:28:59
Jimi HendrixThe Singles Collection10CD52003not rated1:21:10
Jimi HendrixThe Ultimate ExperienceCD10/29/1992not rated1:11:58
Jimi HendrixThe Ultimate ExperienceHDCD1993not rated1:13:09
Jimi HendrixThe Woodstock Rehearsals 1969CD1995not rated1:13:53
Jimi HendrixThis FlyerCDR4/1970not rated38:07
Jimi HendrixTruth And Emotion2CD2005not rated1:55:56
Jimi HendrixTwo Sides Of The Same GeniusFlacnot rated56:26
Jimi HendrixUltra Rare TraxCD1994not rated1:14:55
Jimi HendrixUniversity Of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma 8.5.70CDR1970not rated1:05:03
Jimi HendrixUnknown WellknownFlacnot rated40:32
Jimi HendrixUnsurpassed Studio TakesCD1994not rated1:10:27
Jimi HendrixValleys Of NeptuneCD2010not rated1:02:06
Jimi HendrixValleys Of NeptuneFlac2010not rated11:11
Jimi HendrixValleys Of NeptuneFlac2010not rated1:14:26
Jimi HendrixValleys Of Neptune2LP2010not rated1:01:39
Jimi HendrixVariations On A Theme - Red HouseCD11/1989not rated1:03:54
Jimi HendrixVillanova JunctionCD2004not rated1:13:55
Jimi HendrixVoice In The WindCD1993not rated1:13:04
Jimi HendrixVoodoo ChileCD7/1993not rated46:29
Jimi HendrixVoodoo SoupCD1995not rated57:19
Jimi HendrixWar HeroesCD1988not rated35:03
Jimi HendrixWar HeroesLP1972not rated
Jimi HendrixWar HeroesCD1988not rated35:19
Jimi HendrixWar HeroesFlac12/1972not rated35:25
Jimi HendrixWelcome To The Electric CircusCD1994not rated1:06:00
Jimi HendrixWest Berlin 1970Flac1970not rated1:01:50
Jimi HendrixWest Coast Seattle Boy - The Jimi Hendrix Anthology4CD+DVD11/2010not rated5:51:43
Jimi HendrixWest Coast Seattle Boy. Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo ChildBluRaynot rated
Jimi HendrixWest Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology8LP2010not rated4:20:22
Jimi HendrixWizard's VisionsCD1990not rated58:48
Jimi HendrixWoke Up This Morning And Found Myself DeadLPnot rated53:45
Jimi HendrixWoke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead. Live in New YorkCD1991not rated53:45
Jimi HendrixWoodstockCD1994not rated1:03:44
Jimi HendrixWoodstock Looking Back2CD1994not rated1:47:58
Jimi HendrixРок Архив 31CD-Rom1998not rated13:09:26
Jimi Hendrix & Larry YoungRecord Plant Sessions, New YorkCD2007not rated1:14:39
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAll The Way From MemphisCDR1999not rated54:58
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceDay TripperFlac1988not rated11:09
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceFreedom (Atlanta Pop Festival)2LP2015not rated
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceFreedom (Atlanta Pop Festival)2CD2015not rated1:22:07
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceLive At WoburnCD8/3/2010not rated48:05
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceParis 1967 / San Francisco 1968CD2010not rated1:17:07
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceRadio One2LP1989not rated59:12
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceRadio OneCD1988not rated59:36
Jimi Hendrix featuring Curtis KnightWhat'd I SayLP1970not rated26:53
Jimi Hendrix with Curtis Knight & The SquiresKnock Yourself Out. The 1965 Studio SessionsCD10/2000not rated54:02
Jimi Hendrix with Curtis Knight & The SquiresThe Complete RecordingsFlac2008not rated4:59:34
Lonnie Youngblood featuring Jimi HendrixTwo Great ExperiencesCD2003not rated52:06
The Jimi Hendrix Experience01.16.69 NurembergCDR1969not rated56:48
The Jimi Hendrix Experience3 Nights At Winterland6CD2006not rated6:26:43
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceA Magic TimeCDR1969not rated1:00:28
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAn Electronic ThanksgivingCDR9/16/2006not rated1:12:37
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAre You ExperiencedCD+DVD3/10/2010not rated1:00:19
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAre You Experienced2LP10/2/2015not rated1:00:07
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAre You Experienced?CD1997not rated1:00:20
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAre You Experienced?Flac1985*****41:05
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAre You Experienced?CD1993not rated1:01:24
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAre You Experienced?LP2014not rated40:50
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAre You Experienced?Flac8/1967not rated40:50
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAre You Experienced?Flac2008*****1:00:17
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAxis: Bold As LoveFlac2000not rated38:36
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAxis: Bold As LoveLP2010not rated39:29
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAxis: Bold As LoveApe1/2008not rated39:22
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAxis: Bold As LoveHybrid SACD9/28/2018not rated1:18:37
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAxis: Bold As LoveCD1990not rated39:31
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAxis: Bold As LoveFlac1985not rated39:28
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAxis: Bold As LoveCD+DVD2010not rated39:29
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAxis: Bold As Love - The Sessions3CD2003*****3:42:51
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceBBC DAT MastersFlac10/25/2007not rated1:38:24
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceBBC Sessions3LP2010not rated1:52:25
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceBBC Sessions2CD+DVD2010not rated2:16:10
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceBBC Sessions2CD1998not rated1:47:37
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceBologna, Hendrix Nel Concerto Pomeridiano Al PalasportCDR2004not rated42:10
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceCanadian ClubCD1993not rated46:50
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceCat's SquirrelFlac1994not rated1:25:31
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceCivic Center, Baltimore, MD. 16th May 1969Flac1969not rated57:10
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceCleveland RocksCDR3/8/2000not rated57:04
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceDallasFlac1969not rated47:38
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceDallas Southern Methodist University, Aug 3, 1968CDR1968not rated1:02:14
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceDenver Pop FestivalCDR2003not rated1:02:59
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceDo You Know The WayCDR1969not rated1:09:43
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Church (Atlanta Pop Festival - July 4, 1970)BluRay2015not rated
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric LadylandFlac1985*****1:15:32
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland2LP10/9/2015not rated
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland2DVD-A1968*****2:30:49
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric LadylandCD+DVD12/23/2008not rated1:15:28
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric LadylandFlac2008*****1:15:28
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric LadylandFlac10/1968not rated1:15:48
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland4LP+7"+CDnot rated2:17:07
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric LadylandCD1968*****1:15:27
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland2LP1980not rated
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric LadylandCD1990*****1:15:24
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)3CD+BluRay11/2018not rated6:24:37
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland OuttakesCD1994not rated1:16:53
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceEuropean Scrapbook2CDR9/21/2003not rated2:39:31
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceFirst Steps4CD2000not rated4:50:42
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceFlashbackDVD2003not rated
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceFrench KissCDR1999not rated47:36
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceGet The Experience!CD1994not rated1:13:09
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceGrona Lund, Stockholm, September 4th 1967Flac1967not rated1:18:15
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceHe Was A Friend Of Ours re-mastered2CDR10/17/2003not rated2:10:49
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceHunter College March 1968Flac1968not rated25:24
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceIndianapolis '69CDR1969not rated1:04:44
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceInternational Ballroom, Hilton Hotel, Washington DC. March 10 Early ShowFlac1968not rated35:19
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceLast Experience In MontrealFlac1999not rated55:48
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceLive 1968 Paris/OttawaCD2008not rated1:01:31
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceLive At BerkeleyCD2003not rated1:07:33
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The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceLive At MontereyLP2016not rated
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The Music Of Jimi Hendrix RevisitedThe Spirit Lives On2CD2004**** 1/21:35:09