Gary Moore (25 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Gary MooreAfter HoursFlac2003not rated1:15:08
Gary MooreAfter HoursCD5/10/1992not rated48:23
Gary MooreAfter The WarCD1989not rated53:18
Gary MooreAfter The WarFlac2003not rated1:19:16
Gary MooreBack On The StreetsFlac1978****37:29
Gary MooreBlues For GreenyFlac1995not rated1:04:57
Gary MooreBlues For JimiAVC9/24/2012not rated
Gary MooreCold Day In HellCD51992not rated24:38
Gary MooreCorridors Of PowerFLAC1982not rated56:04
Gary MooreDark Days In ParadiseFlac1997not rated1:17:03
Gary MooreDirty FingersLP1992not rated
Gary MooreDirty FingersFlac1990not rated41:58
Gary MooreG-ForceFlac1980not rated40:47
Gary MooreLive At Monsters Of RockCD2003not rated1:02:50
Gary MooreLive At The MarqueeFlac1983not rated51:03
Gary MooreRockin' Every Night (Live In Japan)Flac2003not rated57:42
Gary MooreRun For CoverFlac1985not rated1:01:25
Gary MooreStill Got The BluesFlac2003not rated1:11:24
Gary MooreStill Got The BluesCD1990not rated53:16
Gary MooreThe Blues2CD2003not rated2:26:50
Gary MooreVictims Of The FutureFLAC1983not rated54:10
Gary MooreWe Want MOORE!Flac1984not rated1:12:47
Gary MooreWild FrontierCD1987not rated56:29
Gary MooreWild FrontierFlac2003not rated1:15:44
The Gary Moore BandGrinding StoneFlac8/1/1991not rated48:37