Coil (67 albums, 4 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
13 Artists presents their personal interpretations of the wor(l)ds of Jhonn BalaA Tribute To The Wor(l)ds Of Jhonn BalanceFlac2006not rated1:04:34
Coil...And The Ambulance Died In His ArmsCD4/2005not rated1:03:20
CoilA Guide For Beginners: A Silver VoiceCD2001not rated1:15:22
CoilA Guide For Finishers: A Golden HairCD2001not rated58:07
CoilANS3CD+DVD9/2004not rated3:13:02
CoilAbsintheFlac12/2006not rated11:38
CoilAqua Regis / Panic / Tainted LoveMCD1994not rated15:58
CoilAstral DisasterCD1/1999not rated1:12:24
CoilAt Wave Gotik Treffen 20042CDR2004not rated1:27:14
CoilBackwardsFlac10/9/2015not rated1:05:12
CoilBlack Antlers2CD2006not rated1:13:57
CoilColour Sound Oblivion16DVD2010not rated
CoilConstant Shallowness Leads To EvilCD9/2000not rated1:01:43
CoilDen Haag, The Netherlands, June 7, 2002 - New Forms 3 FestivalCDR2002not rated51:55
CoilGold Is The MetalCD1988not rated50:39
CoilHellraiser ThemesMCD1990not rated17:20
CoilHorse RotorvatorCD1988not rated49:15
CoilHow To Destroy Angels. New Remixes And Recordings Of The Rare 1984 Coil EPMCD1992not rated55:23
CoilLive At Irving Plaza, NYC August 18, 2001CDR2001not rated54:39
CoilLive FourCD2/24/2003not rated1:19:43
CoilLive In Antwerp, May 30, 2001Flac2001not rated57:21
CoilLive In London, October 1, 2002CDR2002not rated54:48
CoilLive In MoscowVHS2002not rated52:40
CoilLive In Oslo 17 October 2002CDR12/19/2004not rated1:12:48
CoilLive One2CD6/2003not rated1:41:53
CoilLive ThreeCD3/2003not rated1:15:02
CoilLive TwoCD5/2003not rated54:45
CoilLove's Secret DomainCD1993not rated1:00:39
CoilMegalithomania!CD7/2003not rated40:24
CoilMoon's Milk (In Four Phases)CD2002not rated40:26
CoilMoon's Milk (In Four Phases)2CD1/2002not rated1:40:38
CoilMusick To Play In The Dark - Vol 1CD1999not rated1:00:02
CoilMusick To Play In The Dark - Vol 2CD2000not rated56:58
CoilPanicFlac10/9/2015not rated56:10
CoilParadiso, Amsterdam, Holland, June 1, 2001CDR2001not rated55:47
CoilPlastic Spider ThingCD8/19/2002not rated1:08:20
CoilPortoCD10/23/2006not rated1:06:13
CoilQueens Of The Circulating LibraryMCD4/2000not rated49:26
CoilScatologyCD1984not rated55:04
CoilScatology (Stevo Pay Us What You Owe Us! - Volume One)CD2001not rated54:57
CoilSelvaggina, Go Back Into The WoodsCD7/2004not rated1:04:57
CoilStolen & Contaminated SongsCD1993not rated1:02:04
CoilThe Anal StaircaseFlac10/9/2015not rated1:05:47
CoilThe Angelic ConversationCD1994not rated1:09:58
CoilThe Angelic Conversation (Instrumental)Flac10/9/2015not rated1:13:23
CoilThe Ape Of NaplesCD12/2/2005not rated1:05:36
CoilThe Consequences Of Raising HellFlac10/9/2015not rated55:32
CoilThe Remote Viewer2CD2006not rated1:08:04
CoilThe Restitution Of Decayed IntelligenceFlac2003not rated26:48
CoilThe SnowFlac10/9/2015not rated1:08:00
CoilThe Snow EPMCD1993not rated41:26
CoilThe WheelFlac10/9/2015not rated59:44
CoilUnnatural History II. Smiling In The Face Of PerversityCD1/1995not rated1:06:50
CoilUnnatural History III. Joyful Participation In The Sorrows Of The WorldCD6/1997not rated1:15:23
CoilUnnatural History. Compilation Tracks CompiledCD1990not rated57:18
CoilWindowpaneFlac10/9/2015not rated59:55
CoilWindowpaneCD51990not rated17:04
CoilWrong EyeFlac10/9/2015not rated1:00:13
CoilWrong Eye / ScopeFlac1990not rated12:37
Coil / The New Blockaders / Vortex CampaignThe Melancholy Mad TennantCD2005not rated1:03:18
Coil presents Black Light DistrictA Thousand Lights In A Darkened RoomCD10/1996not rated1:05:22
Coil vs ELpHBorn Again PagansMCD1994not rated21:35
ELpH20' To 2000 series - ZwolfMCD12/1999not rated20:00
ELpH vs CoilWorship The GlitchCD1995not rated53:56
In Memory Of Jhonn Balance And CoilThe Loneliest Link In A Very Strange ChainCD2005not rated1:15:47
Tribute To CoilLoved, Stolen And DeconstructedCD1999not rated1:11:34
Zos Kia / CoilTransparentCD1997not rated49:32