Andy Summers Trio (14 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Andy SummersCharming SnakesFlac1990not rated51:42
Andy SummersEarth + SkyFLAC2004not rated1:06:44
Andy SummersEarth + SkyCD2003not rated51:06
Andy SummersGreen Chimneys: The Music of Thelonious MonkFlac2007not rated1:10:34
Andy SummersMysterious BarricadesFlac1988not rated42:30
Andy SummersPeggy's Blue SkylightFlac2007not rated1:19:45
Andy SummersPeggy's Blue SkylightCD2000not rated1:04:14
Andy SummersSynaesthesiaFlac1995not rated43:00
Andy SummersThe Golden WireFlac1989not rated55:36
Andy SummersThe Last Dance Of Mr. XCD1997not rated59:57
Andy SummersTriboluminescenceFlac2017not rated51:21
Andy SummersWorld Gone StrangeCD1991not rated50:52
Andy SummersX Y ZLP1987not rated42:17
Andy Summers TrioLive At Royal Festival HallCDR2001not rated1:01:40