Status Quo
Blue For You

Status Quo - Blue For You

  • Release date: 2017
  • Genre: Rock
  • Format: Flac
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 1:44:09
  • not rated
  • Added Sunday


1. Is There A Better Waynot rated3:30
2. Mad About The Boynot rated3:33
3. Ring Of A Changenot rated4:18
4. Blue For Younot rated4:06
5. Rainnot rated4:36
6. Rolling Homenot rated3:02
7. That's A Factnot rated4:19
8. Ease Your Mindnot rated3:13
9. Mystery Songnot rated6:42
10. You Lost The Lovenot rated3:02
11. Mystery Song (Single Edit)not rated4:01
12. Wild Side Of Lifenot rated3:19
13. All Through The Nightnot rated3:17
14. Wild Side Of Life (Demo)not rated3:52
15. Most Of The Time (Live In Stoke 1975)not rated3:20
16. Roadhouse Blues (Live In Stoke 1975)not rated12:47
17. Bye Bye Johnny (Live In Osaka 1976)not rated6:37
18. Caroline (Live In Osaka 1976)not rated4:36
19. In My Chair (Live In Osaka 1976)not rated3:30
20. Roll Over Lay Down (Live In Osaka 1976)not rated6:08
21. Is There A Better Way (Live In Osaka 1976)not rated3:42
22. Rain (Live In Osaka 1976)not rated4:36
23. Honky Tonk Angle (Demo)not rated3:51

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