The Sun Will Shine Again

Frida - The Sun Will Shine Again

  • Release date: 2005
  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: Flac
  • Duration: 1:42:58
  • not rated
  • Added September 16


1. Frida with Ratata - Sa Lange Vi Har Varannnot rated4:43
2. Frida with Lars Berghagen - En Kvall Om Sommarnnot rated2:10
3. Vad Gor Det Att Vi Skiljs For I Aftonnot rated2:17
4. Frida with Harpo - Moviestar (Swedish Version)not rated3:15
5. Tango I Det Gronanot rated3:17
6. Anglamarknot rated4:34
7. Nu Vissla Vi Ett Slagnot rated1:33
8. Frida with Lars Berghagen - Vi Vet Allt Men Nastan Ingetnot rated3:33
9. Words Of Lovenot rated1:08
10. Fire And Icenot rated3:04
11. Frida with Tommy Korberg - After The Love Has Gonenot rated2:54
12. Frida with Claes Af Geijerstam - Let's Get This Show On The Roadnot rated2:05
13. Age Of Aquariusnot rated2:45
14. Frida with Marie Fredriksson - What A Wonderful Worldnot rated4:37
15. Frida with Jon Lord Orchestra - In The Bleak Midwinternot rated2:13
1. Here We'll Stay (Solo Version)not rated4:11
2. Frida with Daniel Balavoine - Belle (with Daniel Balavoine)not rated3:12
3. Shine (Extended Version)not rated6:47
4. Saltwaternot rated3:59
5. Frida with The Real Group - Dancing Queen (with The Real Group)not rated3:51
6. Fernando (Demo)not rated2:18
7. Frida with B.A. Robertson - Time (with B.A. Robertson)not rated3:46
8. Shot Down In Action (Demo)not rated1:30
9. Frida with Jon Lord Orchestra - The Sun Will Shine Againnot rated4:27
10. Frida with Harpo - Moviestar (English Version)not rated3:28
11. Frida with Adam Ant - Strip (with Adam Ant)not rated4:01
12. Frida with Ratata - As Long As I Have Younot rated4:43
13. Frida with Filippa Giordano - La Barcarollenot rated2:58
14. Frida with Dan Daniell - Lieber Gottnot rated4:50
15. Frida with Dan Daniell - Ich Leb' Ein Traumnot rated4:35

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