dimitri from paris (12 albums)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
dimitri from parisa night at the playboy mansion2000not rated1:16:36
dimitri from parisafter the playboy mansion2002not rated2:20:31
dimitri from parischanson à la mode2005not rated1:03:39
dimitri from parisdisco forever2000not rated3:23:16
dimitri from parisfuture sound of paris1996not rated1:15:17
dimitri from parisinternational flight2004not rated1:53:24
dimitri from parismonsieur dimitri's de-luxe house of funk1997not rated1:15:33
dimitri from parismy salsoul2000not rated1:14:00
dimitri from parismétamorphose - messe pour le temps présent1997not rated1:18:28
dimitri from parissacrebleu1996not rated1:10:37
dimitri from parissacrebleu (canadian version)1998not rated1:15:58
dimitri from paristommy boy's greatest beats - the remixes1998not rated52:38