the klf
chill out

the klf - chill out

  • Release date: 1990
  • Duration: 44:19
  • not rated
  • Added August 19, 2012


1. brownsville turnaround on the tex-mex bordernot rated1:46
2. pulling out of ricardo and the dusk is falling fastnot rated1:29
3. six hours to louisiana, black coffee going coldnot rated3:01
4. dream time in lake jacksonnot rated2:35
5. madrugada eternanot rated7:40
6. justified and ancient seems a long time agonot rated1:08
7. elvis on the radio, steel guitar in my soulnot rated3:02
8. 3 a.m. somewhere out of beaumontnot rated9:24
9. wichita lineman was a song I once heardnot rated5:55
10. trancentral lost in my mindnot rated1:16
11. the lights of baton rouge pass bynot rated3:34
12. a melody from a past life keeps pulling me backnot rated1:41
13. rock radio into the nineties and beyondnot rated1:26
14. alone again with the dawn coming upnot rated0:16

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