Savatage (15 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
SavatageDead Winter DeadCD2011not rated1:04:42
SavatageEdge Of ThornsCD1993not rated1:02:20
SavatageFight For The RockCDnot rated48:08
SavatageGhost In The Ruins: A Tribute To Criss OlivaCD1995not rated1:11:09
SavatageGutter BalletCD1989not rated1:02:42
SavatageHall Of The Mountain KingCDnot rated48:11
SavatageHandful of RainCD1994not rated58:37
SavatageLive In JapanCD1995not rated1:10:02
SavatagePoets And MadmenCDnot rated1:11:18
SavatagePower Of The NightCDnot rated51:28
SavatageSirens & The Dungeons Are CallingCD1983not rated1:04:06
SavatageStreets: A Rock OperaCD1991not rated1:16:30
SavatageStreets: A Rock Opera Narrated VersionCD2013not rated1:20:40
SavatageThe Video CollectionCDnot rated45:21
SavatageThe Wake Of MagellanCD1997not rated1:06:48