Zoviet France (13 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Zoviet FranceA Flock of RotationsLP1987not rated36:27
Zoviet FranceCollusionCD1992not rated1:05:05
Zoviet FranceGaristaCD1990not rated39:44
Zoviet FranceJust An IllusionCD box set1990not rated1:04:47
Zoviet FranceLook Into MeCD1990*** 1/259:06
Zoviet FranceMisfits, Loony Tunes and Squalid CriminalsLP1986not rated38:41
Zoviet FranceMohnomishe2LP1983***1:02:04
Zoviet FranceMort Aux Vaches: FeedbackCD1998not rated1:17:17
Zoviet FranceNorschEP1983****26:02
Zoviet FranceShouting At The GroundCD1990not rated1:07:42
Zoviet FranceShouting at the Ground2LP1987***1:07:49
Zoviet FranceUntitledCD1990***32:46
Zoviet FranceUntitled2LP1982***32:48