Various artists (295 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artists"ish"CD1990not rated37:35
Various artists...And Even Wolves Hid Their Teeth And Tongue Wherever Shelter Was GivenCD1995***1:09:22
Various artists1.357 TageCD1997not rated1:14:22
Various artists10 Jahre F├╝nfundvierzigCD1994not rated1:15:58
Various artists101+303+808 = Now Form a BandCD1995not rated1:17:26
Various artists1992COMnot rated
Various artists21st Century Quakemakers2LPnot rated
Various artists21st Century Quakemakers Vol.22LP1989not rated
Various artists313 DETROITCOMnot rated
Various artists5 Years of Hyperdub2CD10/2009****2:26:59
Various artists8-Bit Operators - The Music Of KraftwerkCD2/2007*** 1/21:00:48
Various artists84COMnot rated
Various artistsA BEAD TO A SMALL MOUTHCOMnot rated
Various artistsA DIAMOND HIDDEN IN ...CDnot rated
Various artistsA FACTORY QUARTET2LPnot rated
Various artistsAMBIENT DUB Vol.1 THE BIG CHILLCOMnot rated
Various artistsAMBIENT DUB Vol.2 EARTHJUICECOMnot rated
Various artistsAMBIENT DUB Vol.3 AQUACOMnot rated
Various artistsAN AFFLICTED MAN`S MUSICA BOXCOMnot rated
Various artistsAT CLOSE QUARTERSCOMnot rated
Various artistsAURORACDnot rated
Various artistsAbsoluteCD1989not rated59:42
Various artistsAfterburn: Wax Trax! Records '94 and BeyondCD1994*** 1/21:05:42
Various artistsAll Tomorrow's Parties 3.02LP4/8/2003not rated
Various artistsAmbient Amazon2LP1995not rated1:18:18
Various artistsAmbient Senses - The Vision2LP1994not rated1:14:43
Various artistsAmbient Senses 2 (The Feeling)2LP1994not rated1:13:31
Various artistsAmerica the BeautifulCD box set1994not rated2:11:32
Various artistsAn Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Fifth A-Chronology 1920-20072CD2007not rated2:36:00
Various artistsAn Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Fourth A-Chronology 1937-20052CD2006not rated2:35:53
Various artistsAn anthology of noise & electronic music. Third a-chronology2CD2004not rated2:28:24
Various artistsArcana CoelestiaCD1993not rated1:16:43
Various artistsArrhytmiaCD1990not rated1:09:06
Various artistsArt & Dance Vol. 4 Wave and Techno CompilationCD1993not rated1:16:00
Various artistsArtificial IntelligenceCD7/1992not rated52:24
Various artistsArtificial Intelligence II2CD5/1994not rated1:47:58
Various artistsAssemblage Volume OneCD1994***1:14:23
Various artistsAvantgardism Vol. 22CD1997*** 1/22:34:49
Various artistsAxis of VisionCD1994not rated1:15:33
Various artistsB12 Records Archive Volume 4MP32009not rated1:14:16
Various artistsBARKCOMnot rated
Various artistsBEN, RUACH, AB, SHALOSHETHEM..CDnot rated
Various artistsBLUE COMPILATIONCOMnot rated
Various artistsBRAIN WAVESCOMnot rated
Various artistsBRITISH SKA LIVECOMnot rated
Various artistsBRUITISTECOMnot rated
Various artistsBehind the Eye - Eye Q Compilation Vol.1CD1994not rated1:14:16
Various artistsBehind the Eye Vol. II - Eye Q CompilationCD1995not rated1:12:20
Various artistsBerlin AtonalLP1984not rated
Various artistsBest Of Techno Volume 52LP1995not rated
Various artistsBody Rapture IICDnot rated1:09:41
Various artistsCARNE DEL DISASTROCDnot rated
Various artistsCAUGHT FROM BEHINDCDnot rated
Various artistsCCCC: California Cyber Crash CompilationCD1992not rated1:06:35
Various artistsCHILL OUT OR DIE IICOMnot rated
Various artistsCOLD SPRING RECORD 001COMnot rated
Various artistsCOLORADOCOMnot rated
Various artistsCOULD YOU WALK ON THE WATERCOMnot rated
Various artistsCRANK - WISE CRANK7"not rated
Various artistsCRYSTAL REVENGECDnot rated
Various artistsCUMMUNICATE!!!!COMnot rated
Various artistsCD box set2002***3:07:53
Various artistsCarry On Harthouse - The Greatest Harthouse TrousersCD1995not rated1:14:05
Various artistsChill Out or Die!CD1993not rated1:14:00
Various artistsClassicaCD1996not rated1:00:54
Various artistsCrack of a Belgian WhipCD1990not rated58:12
Various artistsCrash (A Tribute to J.G. Ballard)CD1993not rated1:14:43
Various artistsCreative, Innovative, UncompromisingCD1995not rated1:16:19
Various artistsCyberworldCD1992not rated1:15:29
Various artistsDER SAMPLERCOMnot rated
Various artistsDark Hearts 2CD1995not rated1:08:20
Various artistsDeath of VinylCD1991not rated1:16:47
Various artistsDedicated To The OmenCD1994not rated1:17:56
Various artistsDeep Cuts - A Sabres Of Paradise CompilationCD1993*** 1/21:14:20
Various artistsDeepnet2CD1996not rated2:24:59
Various artistsDen Of Drumz / CrowsMP32008not rated8:28
Various artistsDevastate to LiberateLP1985not rated48:32
Various artistsDiamanten Und RaketenCD9/2006*** 1/21:08:28
Various artistsDistance to Goa 32CD1996not rated2:22:59
Various artistsDragonfly Presents 'A Voyage Into Trance' Mixed by Paul OakenfoldCD1995not rated1:12:39
Various artistsDub AnthologyCD box set2007*** 1/24:37:30
Various artistsDubnology - Journeys Into Outer BassLP1995not rated2:18:55
Various artistsDum Trax CDCD1995not rated1:03:21
Various artistsDungeon of Delight2CD1995not rated1:23:24
Various artistsEARTHLY DELIGHTSCOMnot rated
Various artistsEXCLUSIONCOMnot rated
Various artistsElectro-Genetic - KK CompilationCD1992not rated1:07:08
Various artistsElektronische Musik - Interkontinental 2CD12/2002not rated1:04:15
Various artistsEn-tranceCD1993not rated1:09:49
Various artistsEn-trance volume twoCDnot rated1:14:34
Various artistsEve Recording Volume 1CD1993not rated30:31
Various artistsExcursions in Ambience: The Second OrbitCDnot rated1:14:50
Various artistsF/EAR THIS!LPnot rated
Various artistsFEAR-GOD-POWERCOMnot rated
Various artistsFOURPLAYCDnot rated
Various artistsFUNKY ALTERNATIVESCDnot rated
Various artistsFUNKY ALTERNATIVES FIVECDnot rated
Various artistsFUNKY ALTERNATIVES THREECDnot rated
Various artistsFour Tet - DJ-KicksFLAC2006not rated1:09:25
Various artistsFoxtrotCD1998not rated44:56
Various artistsFrankfurt Sound Depot 24.03.1991 - LiveCD1992not rated1:10:12
Various artistsFunky Alternatives Vol. 6CD1991not rated59:02
Various artistsFurther Self Evident Truths 3CD1996not rated1:18:39
Various artistsFuse 3 - Global ChaosCD1996***1:17:56
Various artistsGOA TRANCECOMnot rated
Various artistsGOA TRANCE Vol.2COMnot rated
Various artistsGOA TRANCE Vol.4COMnot rated
Various artistsGOD IS THE OWNER OV THE WORLDCOMnot rated
Various artistsGlobal VirusCD1995not rated1:14:30
Various artistsGuerilla In DubCD1993not rated1:09:07
Various artistsCD1992not rated1:14:09
Various artistsHEAD START TO PURGATORYCDnot rated
Various artistsHEAD YOUR MINDCOMnot rated
Various artistsHICKS FROM THE STICKSCOMnot rated
Various artistsHarthouse Chapter 82CD1996not rated2:20:59
Various artistsHow To Use MachineryCD1991not rated17:05
Various artistsI Sometimes Wish I Was Famous - A Swedish Tribute To Depeche ModeLP1991** 1/249:12
Various artistsIl RockLP1989not rated
Various artistsIn Order To Dance 52CD1994not rated2:36:11
Various artistsIndie Top 20 - Volume 5 - Spirit Of IndependentsCD1988not rated1:14:42
Various artistsJOURNEY THROUGH TOUR MIND12"not rated
Various artistsK001LP box set1990not rated43:50
Various artistsKK Promo2LP1992not rated
Various artistsKompakt 1002CD2004not rated1:56:09
Various artistsCD1/1998not rated1:13:52
Various artistsLAB WORKSCDnot rated
Various artistsLIVECDnot rated
Various artistsLUMBS SISTERBOXnot rated
Various artistsLate Night TalesFLAC2004not rated1:14:18
Various artistsLatex TV OblivionCD1992not rated1:12:30
Various artistsLightCD5/2001not rated23:26
Various artistsLiving for MusicCD1994not rated1:06:51
Various artistsLogic Trance 22CD1994not rated2:31:03
Various artistsLost Legion Sampler - Space Log 1.1CD1995***1:03:30
Various artistsMACISTE CONTRO TUTTICDnot rated
Various artistsMATERIALE RESISTENTECOMnot rated
Various artistsMONOPOSTO 1981-1991CDnot rated
Various artistsMOUVEMENTSCOMnot rated
Various artistsMYTHS 1COMnot rated
Various artistsMYTHS 3COMnot rated
Various artistsMYTHS 4COMnot rated
Various artistsMicro BlueCD2002*** 1/21:10:44
Various artistsMust Be Mental Vol. IICD1995not rated1:05:41
Various artistsMust Be Musique 2CD1993not rated53:48
Various artistsNO HIDING FROM THE BLACK BIRD7"not rated
Various artistsNOTHING SORT OF TOTAL WARCOMnot rated
Various artistsNatural Born Techno 22CD1995not rated1:35:29
Various artistsNatural Born Techno 3CD1995not rated1:16:56
Various artistsNatural Born Techno 4CD1996not rated1:14:04
Various artistsNatural Born Techno 5CD1997not rated49:25
Various artistsNatural Born Techno 6CD1997not rated1:03:14
Various artistsNatural Born Techno: A Nova Zembla SamplerCD1994not rated1:13:52
Various artistsNervous SystemsCD1992not rated1:11:24
Various artistsNew ElectronicaCDnot rated1:04:33
Various artistsNew Moves...CD1996not rated1:11:11
Various artistsNot AloneCD box set2/2006not rated5:55:46
Various artistsNovaMute Version 1.12CD10/1993not rated1:36:35
Various artistsOHRENSAUSENCOMnot rated
Various artistsONE LITTLE INDIAN GREATEST HITS Vol.1COMnot rated
Various artistsOORWORMERCOMnot rated
Various artistsORANGE COMPILATION2LPnot rated
Various artistsOc?o?o??e??e12"1984not rated
Various artistsOffering, The Past & Present of !K7CD7/1997not rated1:11:06
Various artistsOhrenscrauben - Ohrensausen2CD1990not rated1:22:51
Various artistsOne A.D. (Volume One Ambient Dub)CD1994***1:14:37
Various artistsOrganism 01CD1994not rated1:06:49
Various artistsOuter Space Communications V. 2.01-T1CD1994not rated1:14:37
Various artistsOuter Space Communications v.1.01-T1CDnot rated1:17:53
Various artistsP.231 Et Denier Du CulteLP1989not rated
Various artistsPHYIDARCOMnot rated
Various artistsPSYCHIC DELI vol.1LPCOMnot rated
Various artistsParapulse Tuck2CD1/2003** 1/21:42:08
Various artistsPathological CompilationCD1989not rated52:46
Various artistsPay It All Back Volume 1LP1985not rated
Various artistsPay It All Back Volume 2LP1988not rated
Various artistsPay It All Back Volume 32LP1991not rated
Various artistsPlanet Dog - Peel Your Head: The Peel Sessions2LP1995not rated1:13:12
Various artistsPlus 8 Classics Volume 3CD2000*** 1/21:13:21
Various artistsPossessed: Nettwerk Sound Sampler Vol. 4CD1993not rated1:01:25
Various artistsPsychotranceCD1994not rated1:11:19
Various artistsQ.E.D.CD1990not rated1:13:16
Various artistsQuality Dance 1CDnot rated1:11:57
Various artistsRED DANCE PACKAGELPnot rated
Various artistsReal IntelligenceCD1995not rated1:12:56
Various artistsReturn To The Source - Shamanic TranceCD1996not rated59:23
Various artistsReturn to the Source - The Chakra JourneyCD box set1996not rated2:33:04
Various artistsSOMETHING STIRSCOMnot rated
Various artistsSTEINZEITCOMnot rated
Various artistsSTIMME DES VOLKESCOMnot rated
Various artistsSTRENGHTCOMnot rated
Various artistsSacred WarCD1990not rated57:21
Various artistsShrineCD1993not rated1:19:31
Various artistsSix FlagsCD1995not rated1:14:12
Various artistsSound From HandsCD1991not rated1:13:40
Various artistsSound Of The Absolute2CD1994** 1/22:08:42
Various artistsSpreading The VirusCD1992not rated1:09:03
Various artistsT.I.P. Compilation - YellowCD1996****1:18:06
Various artistsTECHNOPOLIS 3CDnot rated
Various artistsTERMINAL CITY RICOCHETCOMnot rated
Various artistsTERMINATRIXCDnot rated
Various artistsTEUTONIC BEATCOMnot rated
Various artistsTHAT'S HEAVY BABY12"not rated
Various artistsTHE A.L.F. IS WATCHING...CDnot rated
Various artistsTHE BURIAL OF THE STONED SARDINE7"not rated
Various artistsTHE KNIGHT & THE WIZARDCDnot rated
Various artistsTHE SECRET LIFE OF TRANCE Vol.2COMnot rated
Various artistsTHE SPORTING LIFECDnot rated
Various artistsTHE VOICE OF AMERICACOMnot rated
Various artistsTHIS INFERNAL LOVE OF LIFECOMnot rated
Various artistsTHIS IS THE A.L.F.CDnot rated
Various artistsTONE TALES FROM TOMORROW TOOCDnot rated
Various artistsTRANCED OUT Vol.777COMnot rated
Various artistsTRANS EUROPACOMnot rated
Various artistsTantrance 2 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance2CD1996not rated2:35:40
Various artistsTathataCD1996not rated1:11:16
Various artistsTequila Slammers and the Jump Jump Groove GenerationCD4/1993not rated54:00
Various artistsThe Art of Chill 32CD2006*** 1/22:16:11
Various artistsThe Cosmic Forces of Mu2CD10/2001****2:09:34
Various artistsThe Deepest Shade Of Techno Volume 22LP1996not rated
Various artistsThe Definitive Ambient CollectionCD1993*** 1/21:16:27
Various artistsThe Elephant Table Album - A compilation of difficult music2LP9/1983not rated
Various artistsThe Fight Is OnLP1985not rated
Various artistsThe Myths Collection Part OneCD1987not rated1:09:49
Various artistsThe Myths Collection Part TwoCD1990not rated51:01
Various artistsThe Portable AltamontCD1991not rated1:14:34
Various artistsThe Positiva Ambient CollectionCD1993*** 1/21:13:33
Various artistsThe Secret Life Of Trance III2CD1994*** 1/22:29:19
Various artistsThe Secret Life Of Trance IV2CD1994*** 1/22:30:36
Various artistsThe Secret Life of TranceCD1993not rated1:17:34
Various artistsThe Secret Life of Trance 72CD1996not rated1:58:56
Various artistsThe Secret Life of Trance V2CD1995not rated2:26:29
Various artistsThe Secret Life of Trance VI2CD1995not rated2:13:10
Various artistsThe Serious Road TripCD box set1994not rated2:44:13
Various artistsThe Theory of EvolutionCD4/3/1995not rated1:13:43
Various artistsThe Truth Of CommunicationCD1996not rated1:08:55
Various artistsThe World Of Techno CompilationCD1991not rated1:04:13
Various artistsThe element series - EarthCD1996not rated1:07:43
Various artistsTontraeger Fuer Synapsen Massage 03CD1995*** 1/21:06:55
Various artistsTotal 1CD1991not rated1:00:02
Various artistsTotal 2CD7/2000not rated1:14:06
Various artistsTotal 4CD7/2002** 1/21:14:48
Various artistsTotal 5CD8/2003*** 1/21:09:04
Various artistsTrance Europe ExpressCD box set9/1993not rated2:38:15
Various artistsTrance Europe Express Vol. 2CD box set5/1994****2:38:34
Various artistsTrance Europe Express Vol. 3CD box set10/1994not rated2:29:45
Various artistsTrance Europe Express Vol. 4CD box set1995*** 1/22:36:22
Various artistsTrans Europa 2CD1993not rated1:11:42
Various artistsTreatment EffectsCD11/23/2007*** 1/252:24
Various artistsTresor II - Berlin & Detroit - A Techno Alliance2LP1993not rated
Various artistsTresor Kompilation - Der Klang Der FamilieCD8/1992not rated1:16:32
Various artistsTresor.5CD5/1997not rated1:09:19
Various artistsTriple R - Selection 3CD12/2004not rated1:07:27
Various artistsTriple R - Selection 5CD1/2007not rated1:10:46
Various artistsTurning OverCD1996not rated1:11:04
Various artistsTwilight EarthCD1994not rated1:15:25
Various artistsUSABILITY NOWCOMnot rated
Various artistsUnited Frequencies Of Trance Vol.1LP1992not rated
Various artistsUnited Frequencies Of Trance Vol.2LP1992not rated
Various artistsUnited Frequencies Of Trance Vol.3LP1993*** 1/235:42
Various artistsUntitledCD1996not rated19:47
Various artistsVICTIM OF THE MIXING DESKCDnot rated
Various artistsVINHILATIONCDnot rated
Various artistsVIVA LOS ANGELES IICOMnot rated
Various artistsVirtual RealityMCD1992not rated19:13
Various artistsVolume 1CD box set1991not rated1:17:54
Various artistsWARGASMCOMnot rated
Various artistsWHITE LABEL Vol.1COMnot rated
Various artistsWORLD SOUND SYSTEMCDnot rated
Various artistsWait / Magnetic CityMP32007not rated10:22
Various artistsWarp 10+1 InfluencesFLAC10/11/1999not rated2:17:28
Various artistsWarp Vision: The Videos 1989-2004DVD9/2004****
Various artistsWarp20 (Recreated)2CD9/2009** 1/21:39:21
Various artistsWarp20 (Unheard)CD11/2009*** 1/249:55
Various artistsWith Friends Like These...2CD1/26/2010*** 1/2
Various artistsWorlds Collide Global Remixes2CD1997not rated1:36:05
Various artistsWrit In WaterCD2004not rated22:22
Various artistsX - X SectionCD1991not rated1:01:19
Various artistsXen CutsCD box set2000***3:53:35
Various artistsZEITGEISTCOMnot rated
Various artistsZEITGEIST 2CDnot rated
Various artistsZONDIGCOMnot rated
Various artistsmin2MAXCD5/22/2006not rated1:17:39
Various artistsobjets d'art 92::952CDnot rated1:57:53