SKINNY PUPPY (37 albums, 7 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
A Chud ConventionSorrow12"1987not rated25:45
CyberaktifNothing Stays12"1990*** 1/214:57
CyberaktifTenebrae VisionLP1988*** 1/241:21
Doubting ThomasFather Don't Cry12"1991not rated
Doubting ThomasThe InfidelCD1991not rated59:33
DownloadMicroscopicCD1995not rated54:24
HiltCall the Ambulance Before I Hurt MyselfLP1989not rated42:09
Skinny Puppy12 Inch AnthologyCD1989not rated1:09:21
Skinny PuppyAin't it Dead Yet?CD1991not rated1:08:35
Skinny PuppyBitesLP1985not rated40:08
Skinny PuppyCensorMCD1990***22:35
Skinny PuppyCleanse Fold And ManipulateLP8/1987not rated42:20
Skinny PuppyCleanse Fold And ManipulateCD1987not rated42:20
Skinny PuppyDig It12"1986not rated13:46
Skinny PuppyDig It - A tribute to Skinny PuppyCD2003not rated1:09:39
Skinny PuppyDigital BrapCD box set1996not rated2:26:25
Skinny PuppyHeaven's TrashCD1993not rated1:15:42
Skinny PuppyInquisitionMCD1992****21:38
Skinny PuppyInquisition12"1992not rated21:37
Skinny PuppyLast RightsCD1992****52:57
Skinny PuppyMind: The Perpetual IntercourseLP1986not rated45:33
Skinny PuppyMythmakerCD1/2007***49:01
Skinny PuppyRabiesCD1989****1:00:57
Skinny PuppyRemissionLP1984not rated24:08
Skinny PuppyRemission & BitesCD1987not rated1:04:15
Skinny PuppySpasmolytic12"1991not rated28:35
Skinny PuppyTestureMCD1988not rated23:34
Skinny PuppyThe Greater Wrong of the RightCD5/25/2004***48:39
Skinny PuppyThe ProcessCD1996not rated43:13
Skinny PuppyTin OmenMCD1993*** 1/229:08
Skinny PuppyToo Dark ParkLP1990****38:36
Skinny PuppyVIVIsectVILP1988not rated42:58
Skinny PuppyVIVIsectVICD10/1988not rated1:01:02
Skinny PuppyWorlockMCD1990****21:43
cEvin KeyMusic For CatsCD2/1998not rated1:13:13
cEvin KeytHe gHost oF eAch rOomCD8/2001not rated51:11