Nine Inch Nails (9 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Nine Inch NailsBROKENCDnot rated
Nine Inch NailsFixedMCD1992not rated40:20
Nine Inch NailsHead Like A HoleMCD1990not rated16:17
Nine Inch NailsMarch of the Pigs (Part 2)MCD1994not rated18:54
Nine Inch NailsPRETTY HATE MACHINECDnot rated
Nine Inch NailsSIN10"not rated
Nine Inch NailsThe Downward SpiralCD1994not rated1:05:08
Nine Inch NailsThe Fragile3LP9/27/1999***
Nine Inch NailsThe Hand That FeedsCDi4/2005not rated19:19