NURSE WITH WOUND (52 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Chrystal Belle ScroddBeastingsCD1993not rated1:07:36
Nurse With WoundA Sucked OrangeLP1990not rated50:19
Nurse With WoundA Sucked OrangeCD1990not rated50:19
Nurse With WoundALIEN7"not rated
Nurse With WoundActs Of Senseless BeautyCD1997not rated49:26
Nurse With WoundAlas The Madonna Does Not Function12"1988not rated22:19
Nurse With WoundAlice The Goon12"2000not rated22:19
Nurse With WoundAn Awkward Pause2CD11/2006***2:08:23
Nurse With WoundAutomating (volume one)LP1986not rated51:16
Nurse With WoundAutomating (volume two)LP1989not rated44:30
Nurse With WoundBrained By Falling Masonry12"6/1984not rated24:53
Nurse With WoundChance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And A UmbrellaCD2001not rated1:04:08
Nurse With WoundChance Meeting of a Defective Tape Machine and MigraineCD2003not rated40:20
Nurse With WoundChance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an UmbrellaCD1990not rated47:53
Nurse With WoundCooloorta Moon / A Piece Of The Sky Is Missing12"1989not rated15:35
Nurse With WoundDrunk With The Old Man Of The MountainsLP1/1987not rated
Nurse With WoundGyllenskold / BrainedCD1989not rated43:43
Nurse With WoundGyllenskold / BrainedLP1989not rated43:43
Nurse With WoundGyllensköld, Geijerstam And I At Rydberg's12"12/1983not rated
Nurse With WoundHuffin' Rag BluesCD6/2008not rated1:10:49
Nurse With WoundLive At Bar Maldoror: Gyllensköld, Geijerstam And FriendsLP1985not rated
Nurse With WoundLive at Bar MaldororCD1991not rated1:04:50
Nurse With WoundLP1985not rated
Nurse With WoundMan With The Woman FaceCD2002not rated37:41
Nurse With WoundMerzbild SchwetCD1994not rated48:46
Nurse With WoundMerzbild SchwetLP6/1980not rated49:30
Nurse With WoundParanoia In Hi-FiCD11/23/2009** 1/21:18:19
Nurse With WoundPsilotripitakaLP box set1990not rated2:55:40
Nurse With WoundPsilotripitakaCD box set1990not rated2:55:40
Nurse With WoundRock'n Roll StationCD1994not rated58:27
Nurse With WoundSecond Pirate SessionLP1998not rated
Nurse With WoundShe and Me Fall Together in Free DeathCD2004not rated1:05:43
Nurse With WoundShipwreck Radio Volume One2CD2004not rated2:03:47
Nurse With WoundShipwreck Radio Volume Two2CD2005*** 1/22:02:38
Nurse With WoundShipwreck Radio: Final BroadcastsCD2006not rated1:00:48
Nurse With WoundSoliloquy For Lilith (Parts 5 & 6)LP1988not rated34:59
Nurse With WoundSoliloquy For LillithLP box set1988**** 1/22:25:32
Nurse With WoundSoliloquy For LillithCD box set5/2005not rated2:25:32
Nurse With WoundSoresuckerMCD1990not rated20:51
Nurse With WoundSoresucker12"1990not rated20:51
Nurse With WoundSoundpoolingCD5/31/2006***1:14:33
Nurse With WoundSpace MusicCD2009***54:39
Nurse With WoundSpiral InsanaLP1986not rated
Nurse With WoundThe Ladies Home TicklerCD1990not rated27:19
Nurse With WoundThe Sisters Of PataphysicsLP1989not rated
Nurse With WoundThe Sylvie And Babs Hi-Fi CompanionLP1988not rated39:47
Nurse With WoundThe Sylvie and Babs Hi-Fi CompanionCD1995not rated39:50
Nurse With WoundThunder Perfect MindCD1992not rated56:56
Nurse With WoundTo The Quiet Men From A Tiny GirlLP1980not rated
Nurse With WoundTo The Quiet Men From A Tiny GirlCD1990not rated50:58
Nurse With WoundWho Can I Turn To StereoCD1996not rated50:03
Nurse With WoundYagga BluesCD1995not rated21:38