(40 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
80-83 Strategien Gegen ArchitekturenCD1988not rated41:19
80-83 Strategien Gegen ArchitekturenLP1/1984not rated41:16
Achtung! Live!LP1986not rated
2CD6/2006not rated2:26:58
Alles Wieder Offen (Supporter Edition)CD10/2007*** 1/21:10:25
Drawings Of O.T.2LP1984*****59:51
Ende NeuCD-E1996not rated42:00
FaustmusikCD1996not rated39:55
Feurio!12"1989**** 1/213:12
Fuenf Auf der Nach Oben Offenen RichterskalaLP6/1987not rated41:44
Fuenf auf der Nach Oben Offenen RichterskalaCD6/1987*****41:45
Gijon 13 April 20052CD2005not rated1:37:02
GrundstueckCD+DVD10/2005not rated44:44
Halber MenschCD1985*****48:28
Heiner Muller: Die HamletmaschineLP3/1991not rated31:46
Interim12"1993*** 1/214:24
JewelsCD-E8/15/2007not rated1:24:49
Kalte Sterne - early recordingsCD6/2004not rated54:10
KollapsLP10/1981not rated34:23
KollapsCD1988not rated39:01
Nag Nag Nag - Wuste3"CD1/1993not rated8:05
Perpetuum Mobile2LP2/2004****1:06:56
Silence Is SexyCD box set5/2000not rated1:27:19
StahlmusikLP1998not rated
Stella MarisMCD6/1996not rated16:11
Strategies Against Architecture II2CD10/1992not rated1:32:17
Strategies Against Architecture II2LP1991**** 1/21:25:30
Strategies Against Architecture III (1991-2001)CD box set2001not rated2:05:40
Tabula RasaCD2/1993not rated45:32
The Dead is a DandyCD1990not rated52:39
Total Eclipse Of The SunCD1999not rated19:21
Verbrannte ErdeLPnot rated35:45
LP2003not rated35:45
12"3/1985not rated15:18
Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.T.LP11/1983*****40:32