ALIEN SEX FIEND (18 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Alien Sex FiendAcid BathLP1984not rated44:59
Alien Sex FiendAll Our YesterdaysCD1988*** 1/256:20
Alien Sex FiendAnother PlanetLP1998not rated52:35
Alien Sex FiendBUN-HO!12"1988not rated
Alien Sex FiendCurseLP1990not rated59:34
Alien Sex FiendHaunted House12"1989not rated13:26
Alien Sex FiendHere Cum GermsLP1987not rated57:28
Alien Sex FiendHurricane Fighter Plane12"2/1987not rated22:49
Alien Sex FiendI'm Doing Time In A Maximum Security Twilight Home12"1985not rated
Alien Sex FiendIgnore the Machine12"not rated14:44
Alien Sex FiendIt - The AlbumLP1986not rated1:00:16
Alien Sex FiendLiquid Head in TokyoLP1985not rated39:41
Alien Sex FiendMagic12"1992not rated22:36
Alien Sex FiendMaximum SecurityLP1987not rated1:04:26
Alien Sex FiendNow I´m feeling Zombiefied12"1990not rated23:55
Alien Sex FiendOpen Head SurgeryLP1992not rated44:56
Alien Sex FiendThe Impossible Mission12"4/1987not rated
Alien Sex FiendWho's Been Sleeping In My BrainLP1983not rated43:33