Klaus Schulze
Are You Sequenced?

Klaus Schulze - Are You Sequenced?

  • Release date: 1996
  • Format: FLAC
  • Category: Electronica
  • Duration: 2:22:30
  • not rated
  • Added October 19, 2013


1. Welcome to the Moog Brothersnot rated6:28
2. Vocs in the Dark Inot rated4:23
3. Vocs in the Dark IInot rated10:04
4. No Frets - No Bassnot rated9:39
5. Valle de la Lunanot rated9:00
6. Are You Sequenced?not rated3:14
7. Moogy Baby Goes Solonot rated7:18
8. Moldanyanot rated10:21
9. Vidanyanot rated2:11
10. The Wizard of Doznot rated10:22
11. Are We Getting Lost?not rated6:50
1. SQ1 (Essentials by Pete Namlook)not rated17:44
2. Voices in the Dark (Lite Mix by Thomas Fehlmann)not rated8:16
3. SQ2 (Extended Mix by Sam Pels)not rated8:14
4. Flutish Baby (Humate Mix)not rated7:35
5. SQ3 (Subsonic Affair Mix by Jorg Schaaf)not rated7:45
6. Voices in the Dark II (Chill Mix by Peter Kuhlmann)not rated8:30
7. SQ4 (Short Cut by Pete Namlook)not rated4:29

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