Current 93
Thunder Perfect Mind

Current 93 - Thunder Perfect Mind

  • Release date: 5/2005
  • Format: 2CD
  • Category: Muzik
  • Duration: 2:21:40
  • not rated
  • Added July 2, 2005


Thunder Perfect Mind
1. A Beginningnot rated0:44
2. The Descent of Long Satan and Babylonnot rated3:00
3. A Sadness Songnot rated4:14
4. A Song for Douglas After He's Deadnot rated4:58
5. In the Heart of the Wood and What I Found Therenot rated2:50
6. Mary Waits in Silencenot rated2:56
7. A Silence Songnot rated5:27
8. A Lament for My Suzannenot rated4:20
9. Riverdeadbanknot rated3:46
10. All the Stars are Dead Nownot rated9:06
11. Rosy Star Tears from Heavennot rated3:05
12. When the May Rain Comesnot rated3:24
13. Thunder Perfect Mind Inot rated5:05
14. Thunder Perfect Mind IInot rated2:21
15. Hitler as Kalki (SDM)not rated16:28
16. A Sad Sadness Songnot rated4:40
17. An Endingnot rated2:21
The Thunder: Perfect Mind
1. Suzanne: She and I in Darkness We Lay and Lienot rated4:26
2. Red Housenot rated0:28
3. Our Lady of Horsiesnot rated6:34
4. Anyway, People Dienot rated1:46
5. Silence as Christinenot rated2:24
6. Maldoror is Ded Ded Ded Dednot rated12:10
7. They Return to Their Earthnot rated6:18
8. In Sadness Sangnot rated4:19
9. 'Khor Ba'i Nyes Dmigsnot rated1:28
10. Lament for Hernot rated3:59
11. A Song for Douglas After He's Deadnot rated6:14
12. They Return to Their Earth (For My Christ Thorn)not rated6:52
13. A Song for Douglas After He's Dead (Rebirth)not rated5:43

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