Jaal Ab Dullah

Muslimgauze - Jaal Ab Dullah

  • Release date: 9/23/1997
  • Format: CD
  • Category: Industrial
  • Duration: 1:13:53
  • not rated
  • Added September 24, 2004


1. Old Bombay Vinyl Junkienot rated8:14
2. Kabul is Free Under a Veilnot rated1:47
3. Noose of Gold Silknot rated2:01
4. Base Metal Trinkets, One Rupeenot rated8:23
5. Benazir Bhutto's Hands are Cleannot rated6:46
6. Shimmer, then Disappearnot rated1:01
7. Jagannath, Jagannath Whonot rated0:30
8. A Box which Contains...not rated0:47
9. Ultra Orthodox, and no Cheatingnot rated7:47
10. India Rubber Buddha Melts and Forms a Poolnot rated2:19
11. i. Bengal Motorcycle Death Trap, ii. Ravishnu, a Cassette Tape of Murmurnot rated1:06
12. Possess a Poppyheadnot rated2:54
13. Shimmer, then Disappearnot rated1:42
14. Bright Shadowsnot rated2:39
15. Kabul isn't Free Under a Veilnot rated5:39
16. Benazir Bhutto's Hands Are Cleannot rated0:10
17. Shimmer, then Disappearnot rated0:44
18. Exit Left no Tracenot rated2:08
19. i. The Zouave Who Turned A Blind Ear, ii. A Balba Louninot rated3:41
20. Filigree Silver Godnot rated0:30
21. Hindu Cosmologynot rated4:17
22. Batik Cloth with a Hand Painted Garudanot rated1:01
23. Extreme Anti-Arab Zionistnot rated1:46
24. Fakir Palmnot rated5:51

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