Current 93
How I Devoured Apocalypse Balloon

Current 93 - How I Devoured Apocalypse Balloon

  • Release date: 6/2005
  • Format: 2CD
  • Category: Industrial
  • Duration: 2:11:50
  • not rated


1. Intronot rated2:42
2. Alonenot rated8:11
3. Red Hawthorne Treenot rated3:27
4. All the World Makes Great Bloodnot rated4:57
5. The Signs in the Starsnot rated3:17
6. 4 Hypnagogue 4not rated3:33
7. Mary Waits in Silencenot rated3:31
8. The Inmost Light Itselfnot rated7:45
9. Falling Back in Fields of Rapenot rated3:18
10. Whilst the Night Rejoices Profound and Stillnot rated4:03
11. Black Sun Bloody Moonnot rated1:07
12. They Returned to Their Earth (For My Christ Thorn)not rated7:50
13. So, This Empire Is Nothingnot rated1:40
14. This Shining Shining Worldnot rated3:50
15. The Blue Gates of Deathnot rated7:03
1. Intronot rated2:07
2. Good Morning, Great Molochnot rated3:57
3. 5 Hypnagogue 5not rated6:06
4. Whilst the Night Rejoices Profound and Stillnot rated4:25
5. Earth Covers Earthnot rated4:29
6. Calling for Vanished Faces IInot rated4:55
7. All This World Makes Great Bloodnot rated4:35
8. Mary Waits in Silencenot rated3:40
9. Judas As Black Mothnot rated1:51
10. A Gothic Love Songnot rated4:11
11. The Bloodbells Chimenot rated4:51
12. Walking like Shadownot rated3:15
13. Sleep Has His Housenot rated4:16
14. Time of the Last Persecutionnot rated3:41
15. Long Satan and Babylonnot rated3:34
16. A Sadness Songnot rated5:29

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