The Rolling Stones
Singles Collection - The London Years

The Rolling Stones - Singles Collection - The London Years

  • Release date: 1989
  • Format: FLAC
  • Category: Muzik
  • Duration: 3:05:18
  • not rated
  • Added October 14, 2013


1. Come Onnot rated1:50
2. Gotta Get Awaynot rated2:09
3. Street Fighting Mannot rated3:18
4. I Want To Be Lovednot rated1:51
5. 19th Nervous Breakdownnot rated3:57
6. No Expectationsnot rated4:00
7. Sad Daynot rated3:01
8. I Wanna Be Your Mannot rated1:42
9. Surprise, Surprisenot rated2:29
10. Stonednot rated2:08
11. Paint It, Blacknot rated3:45
12. Honky Tonk Womennot rated3:02
13. Not Fade Awaynot rated1:48
14. Stupid Girlnot rated2:55
15. You Can't Always Get What You Want (Version 1)not rated4:52
16. Long Long Whilenot rated3:00
17. Little By Littlenot rated2:37
18. Memo From Turnernot rated4:06
19. It's All Over Nownot rated3:26
20. Mother's Little Helpernot rated2:46
21. Brown Sugarnot rated3:48
22. Lady Janenot rated3:10
23. Good Times, Bad Timesnot rated2:32
24. Wild Horsesnot rated5:40
25. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?not rated2:33
26. Tell Me (You're Coming Back)not rated2:46
27. I Don't Know Why (Don't Know Why I Love You)not rated3:02
28. Who's Driving Your Plane?not rated3:12
29. I Just Want To Make Love To Younot rated2:16
30. Try A Little Hardernot rated2:17
31. Let's Spend The Night Togethernot rated3:27
32. Time Is On My Side (Version 2)not rated2:58
33. Out Of Timenot rated3:22
34. Ruby Tuesdaynot rated3:11
35. Congratulationsnot rated2:27
36. Jiving Sister Fannynot rated3:20
37. We Love Younot rated4:36
38. Little Red Roosternot rated3:03
39. Sympathy For The Devilnot rated6:24
40. Off The Hooknot rated2:33
41. Dandelionnot rated3:48
42. Heart Of Stonenot rated2:43
43. She's A Rainbownot rated4:09
44. What A Shamenot rated3:02
45. 2,000 Light Years From Homenot rated4:42
46. The Last Timenot rated3:39
47. In Another Landnot rated2:54
48. Play With Firenot rated2:11
49. The Lanternnot rated4:24
50. (I Can't Get No) Satisfactionnot rated3:46
51. Jumpin' Jack Flashnot rated3:40
52. The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man (Version 1)not rated3:20
53. Child Of The Moon (rmk)not rated3:10
54. The Spider And The Flynot rated3:38
55. Get Off Of My Cloudnot rated2:54
56. I'm Freenot rated2:24
57. The Singer Not The Songnot rated2:26
58. As Tears Go Bynot rated2:42

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